October 27th, 2010
05:50 PM ET

Pool Report #2 – Obama taping The Daily Show

Note from pool – notes are not verbatim

Jon Stewart opens saying Obama just listed accomplishments but Democrats not running on it (even making a joking reference to Joe Manchins ad with the gun)

Obama says let me tell you about members of Congress

Jon Stewart says are you gonna swear?

Obama says no and that many members of Congress took tough votes, people like Tom Perriello, Betsy Markey and others who did what was right. He said he hopes that people who did what they thought was right and voted with integrity will be rewarded. He said that was tough because people are being pummeled with negative ads

Jon Stewart is the difficulty you're having between what you ran on – audacity – and what you've delivered. Legislatively it's felt timid

Obama: Jon I love your show (Jon Stewart: but) I have a profound disagreement with you. Notion that health care was timid. 30 million gonna get health care because of this. Patients bill of rights. Young stay on parents health care til 26, cuts deficit..people would say this is one of most significant pieces of legislation in history. (Applause) that gets diminished because we didn't get everything

Jon Stewart: suggestion wasn't that it was insignificant

Obama: suggestion was that it was timid

Jon Stewart...I don't mean to lump you in with other president ..health care etc done in very political manner

Obama : that's fair. In an emergency situation..to get things done quicker, we worked with the process rather than transforming the process. I wish didn't have to have 60 votes.
So there are all kinds of things that has happened in terms of process ..I'd like to see change.
But things we control we've changed, lobbyist rules, who visits White House

Jon Stewart: are you inviting me to the White House

Obama: then wed have to disclose it

Jon Stewart: (talks about negotiating meds with Canada...says there's nothing in the bill that doesn't allow insurance companies to raise rates)

Obama; we've empowered state insurance commissioners...like in North Carolina

Jon Stewart: but isn't this only egregious raises..

Obama : if the pt is that overnight we did not transform the health care system that's true.
When we promised during the campaign change you can believe in. It wasn't change you can believe in in 18 months Social security at first applied only to widows and orphans...so it's been with all progressive legislation When civil rights was passed there were still people down south who cant vote

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