Top Dems "anxious" about early numbers
November 2nd, 2010
06:48 PM ET

Top Dems "anxious" about early numbers

(CNN) - Senior Democratic officials with close ties to the White House say that after seeing a first wave of early exit polling data late in the afternoon they have concerns about how the party is doing with several key groups, including women and senior citizens.

The senior officials said they are particularly apprehensive about numbers they have come in suggesting that women may not have turned out as strongly for Democrats.

In addition, the officials said they have seen data suggesting that senior citizens may have come out in large numbers to express displeasure with health care reform, which they characterized as a troubling sign for the party.

These senior officials stressed that the numbers they have seen are incomplete and early, and they are cheered by information suggesting that despite some of the demographic challenges the party nevertheless may be doing pretty well in some of the key toss-up Senate races.

But one senior Democratic official was particularly brief and blunt when asked for reaction to the early data coming in. “Anxious,” said the official.

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