Mumbai terror victim remembers
November 6th, 2010
09:47 AM ET

Mumbai terror victim remembers

MUMBAI, India (CNN) - President Obama’s first official event takes place at the Taj Palace Hotel, one site of the Mumbai terror attacks nearly two years ago. He will sign the visitors’ book at the Nov. 26th memorial, and is also expected to make remarks.

Before the event, the president is expected to meet with 12 American citizens who’s lives were forever changed by the terror spree. Among them is Kia Scherr, who lost both her husband and her daughter in the three day siege. CNN’s Mallika Kapur talked with Scherr on the waterfront seawall along Marine Drive, a picturesque road along the Mumbai coast. Scherr said she would thank Mr. Obama for a letter he sent her shortly after the attacks. She calls the note from the then president-elect a source of great comfort. If she has a chance, she says, she will tell the president about how she’s gained strength from meeting with family members of other victims.

Picture: Mallika Kapur interviews Kia Scherr as producer Harmeet Singh and cameraman Rajesh Mishra look on.

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