Images of Seoul: Bugs!
November 11th, 2010
04:57 AM ET

Images of Seoul: Bugs!

Just ate a bunch of these little things stewing on the street. Silk worms – soft and nutty!

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  1. Jina

    Haha, I remember seeing those things sold on the street all the time when I lived in Korea! Never did like them, though... I prefer fresh taiyaki (fish-shaped pastries filled with sweet red bean paste), walnut cookies, steamed buns, and ho-dduk (rice flour pancakes filled with melted brown sugar, hot off the griddle) for inexpensive but filling winter treats. I'm hungry.

    November 11, 2010 at 3:28 pm |
  2. Michael H.

    I've been trying to convince my coworkers on how delicious they can be, but entomophagy just doesn't seem to be a part of being American... 🙂

    November 11, 2010 at 6:06 pm |
  3. Mark Walz

    The Silkworms in Korea, when cooked, are known as Beondegi, a popular street food.

    Beondegi are the boiled and seasoned pupae, which are found inside the silk cocoon.

    One silk cocoon contains one thread of silk 1000 to 3000 feet long. 2000-3000 cocoons provide one pound of silk for the fabric industry.

    If a pupae becomes a moth, it releases enzymes to make a hole in the cocoon, to escape. These enzymes destroy the silk thread

    Cocoons are boiled, killing and cooking the pupae for food, and the hot water makes the silk thread easier to unravel.

    The Beondegi street snack is a by-product of the silk clothing industry.

    At one time, silkworm pupae were considered as a space food for Nasa Astronauts.
    (the above info found on Wikipedia)

    November 20, 2010 at 6:20 am |