Michelle Obama pumps it up
November 18th, 2010
11:13 PM ET

Michelle Obama pumps it up

Dressed in full workout clothing and charged up for her “Let’s Move” Initiative, Michelle Obama got her run on today. The outfit revealed her athleticism – then she proved it by participating in blood-pumping activities with the energetic children of the Police Athletic League in Harlem.

“I’m ready to move!” she shouted and move she did. Push ups, hoola hoops, even sprinting. Yet she never appeared to break a sweat. She meant it when she challenged everyone to “turn off the TV and video games.”

Her enthusiasm had me at hello. So I put on my spandex and ran out there myself. Oh man, not again. BRADLEY!! Wake up! Sorry about the daydream. I’m guess I'm just dying to tone up my abs.

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