Michelle Obama tells press: “Let’s Move!”
November 18th, 2010
11:13 PM ET

Michelle Obama tells press: “Let’s Move!”

The First Lady not only called on children to eat healthy and be active, she pointed directly at the press and said, “You should be able to climb a six foot wall too!” Uh oh. Does it count that we could – once – way back in high school?

When Mrs. Obama told children in Harlem that they needed to be active “60 minutes everyday,” and it could be “just playing tag with your friends,” I thought, well, those of us in the press do that –chasing her across town! The big relief came when she blurted out “no one expects you to do push-ups for an hour.” Phew!

Yet the final shot to the heart was when she shouted, “put down the potato chips and candy.” Instead we picked up our cameras and notepads and headed back to the office. Didn’t want to miss the going away party in my department: CUPCAKES!!!!

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