Wait a minute, isn't that..?
November 23rd, 2010
02:36 PM ET

Wait a minute, isn't that..?

KOKOMO, Indiana (CNN) - Talk about a surprise guest. Students at Sycamore Elementary School in Kokomo, Indiana had the excitement of their lives when President Obama decided to stop his motorcade to say hello.

In town to visit a Chrylser plant and tout the turnaround in the auto industry, Obama shook hands with approximately 300 excited and screaming kids who were jostling to make contact with the commander-in-chief. ."Omigod he touched me! He touched me!" yelled one little girl in pink according to a reporter in the traveling press pool. "He's right up there!" Yelled one boy.

The visit lasted approximately seven minutes.

Prior to the stop at the school, the president and vice president made another unannounced stop at the Kokomo Fire Department to have lunch with firefighters on duty.

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