December 9th, 2010
06:33 AM ET

POTUS schedule Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010

9:30AM POTUS and VPOTUS receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office (closed)

10:15AM POTUS holds a meeting with the President’s Export Council in the EEOB (pooled press)

11:05AM POTUS meets with senior advisers in the Oval Office (closed press)

12:30PM POTUS and VPOTUS meet for lunch in the Private Dining Room (closed press)

2:30PM POTUS meets with Admiral Mike Mullen in the Oval Office (closed)

4:55PM THE FIRST FAMILY attends the National Christmas Tree Lighting at the Ellipse; POTUS delivers remarks

Briefing Schedule:

1:00PM Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

Topics: Daily Schedule

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  1. Eduardo

    Such perspective is aalwys proferred by those supporting losing campaigns, so it's not surprising that he who supports Fred Thompson would find a brother-in-arms with the Republican cheerleader Rove forced to justify why his party was swamped by a Democratic turnout nearly 2 1/2 times larger than his own party. More hilarious yet is in one of the threads below where you attempt to spin Fred Thompson's dismal third-place showing as one of the evening's winners , never mind the fact that he barely mustered out a third-place showing in Iowa against a guy who wants to eliminate ethanol. I sure wish my home computer hadn't gone down last week because I wanted to be here to ridicule Thompson's demise every step of the way. With luck, I'll be back online by next Tuesday when Grandpa Fred comes in sixth in New Hampshire. Undoubtedly, you'll attempt to spin that as a win as well.As for Dakota County, Minnesota, it's a pretty populous place, as anyone who drives from Burnsville to Hastings can attest to. As someone who grew up in a county of 32,000 people and has lived in counties with as few as 11,000 people, it's pretty difficult to demean the Iowa Caucus by comparing the number of participants to a bustling county of 325,000 residents .unless of course you want to sound like a pompous big-city elitist. Funny .I didn't hear any of Rove's perspective on the smallness of Iowa when George Bush won the caucus in 2000 with a considerably lower turnout than the turnout of 2008.And please point me in the direction of an American state that IS representative of the nation at large. Iowa is a classic swing state with very liberal Democrats, very conservative Republicans, and a plurality of independents in the middle. Which state has this magical cross-section of voters that Iowa lacks? You and Rove and making transparently idiotic excuses to justify poor performances for your team.

    July 31, 2012 at 2:27 pm |