December 31st, 2010
02:57 PM ET

Hawaii's version of NY ball drop

HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNN) - It's hard to top the famous New Year's Eve Ball at Times Square but one Hawaiian hotel is going to try. Ed Henry interviews the man who is making someone's grand vision a reality at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. For the first time, an LED-illuminated eight-foot paper-mache pineapple, topped with a six-foot fabric crown, will descend from the top of the 10-story hotel at midnight Hawaiian time.

The Kahala Hotel and Resort will ring in the new year with the pineapple drop and a big bash around the pool with a breathtaking view of Kahala Bay.  Fourteen foot pineapple or not, one thing Hawaii's celebration almost certainly has over New York City this time of year is the weather.

CNN photojournalist Dave Catrett shot and edited this story.

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  1. sheila Donnelly

    What fun!

    December 31, 2010 at 5:21 pm |
  2. Paul Cassens

    John McCain and then CNN (Brooke Baldwin and Joe Johns) dissed the Polynesian Voyaging Society here in Hawaii. This was insulting to all residents of Hawaii. My suggestion is for CNN to do a story on what the Society is all about – a proud voyaging heritage that goes back 1500 years before Columbus.

    January 1, 2011 at 2:38 am |
    • Jay

      You would think that after 1500 years they could figure a way to pay for it them selfs.

      January 3, 2011 at 9:20 pm |
    • Piseth

      Kenya was his home (it's one thing for all the newspapers to get it wrong and that's uiklleny enough, but when that same guy's WIFE doesn't get it straight, please, what more do you want for God's sake?); it's based on the FACT that he almost certainly cannot be eligible to be president because his father was not a US citizen, and that according to the legislation that allowed McCain to run against Obama (being McCain's eligibility was based on both parents being citizens) WHICH OBAMA HIMSELF SIGNED ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE SENATE, SO HE COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE DUMB ON THE ISSUE), and now according to every high-level expert with the street cred to make a reliable assessment, Obama released a FAKE birth certificate,a nd further, 18-year private investigator Susan daniels now has a statement from the social security administration that Obama could not possibly have been assigned the social security number he is using, and it just so happens that his terrorist pal Bill Ayres has stated that in the Weather Underground they used to use the SS numbers of the dead to establish new identities for their covert operatives; these, too, are facts.Learn the lessons ranging from Stalin and socialist Nazi Germany all the way down to President Clinton losing his law license forever for perjury because his young-ish illicit lover kept his dried sperm unwashed on her dress as a seemingly bizarre and obsessive keepsake: just because something is unthinkable does not make it impossible.Back in 2009 when far less was known, even the Huffington post blasted the anti-birthers, calling them even weirder than the birthers (leaving only those unaware of the issue unscathed).Obama and the lamestream media are making absolute unmitigated fools of you and Goldberg and all the other anti-birthers, including Obama's own supporters to whom his is clearly lying blatantly now with that fake birth certificate (it is fake, once again; the experts like Newcomer who got Dan Rather fired from CBS News, agree) and you anti-birthers are wearing the clown suit Obama and his people are dressing you up in very well. The uniform fits, because you have each tailored your own to yourselves impeccably. But it's a clown suit just the same, and you don't appear to have the courage to glance in the mirror, instead just making the clown suit colors brighter by sheer force of will when challenged on it.To recap: Obama's wife and Obama himself and Kenyan officials called Obama's home country Kenya , as did newspapers. Obama is lying because he cannot be unaware of what constitutes eligibility according the congress because as a senator he signed that very resolution about McCain, and he himself does not meet the requirements of that same resolution both parents being US citizens. He has opened up probable cause like a whirling dervish with his lawyerly actions to hide his past and the document he chose to release to supposedly prove his eligibility is an absurd and amateurish fake.When are you people going to come down to earth, seriously, and get with the program? Clinton was a thousand times more credible on the Lewinski scandal and it happened that the conspiracy theorists were right and he was lying. To turn a blind eye to this issue with all the probably cause and manifest evidence and statements is nothing less than absolutely insane. It appears you have created your own perception of reality and constructed a vast nuthouse within it as far as the eye can, and if you don't challenge Obama on this issue and he wins in 2012, you may find yourselves living in it for the rest of your lives.Newcomer, Zebest, Irey, Voit every expert, from the most modest to the most astute agree: Obama's birth certificate is a fake. How many times do you need to be told this undeniable and increasingly more documented fact as they themselves write more and more and give more and more interviews? Please grow up and get that fact into your apparently rock-hard wooden heads before you make every fellow American look like an idiot by association.Chester Arthur,I understand. Well said.

      September 8, 2012 at 8:42 am |