Obama: 'My 5th grade science experiment looked like this!'
February 3rd, 2011
01:34 PM ET

Obama: 'My 5th grade science experiment looked like this!'

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (CNN) - Just before President Obama delivered remarks to a crowd of students and faculty about energy efficiency, he toured a research lab on campus with Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. While wearing safety goggles, they watched an experiment dealing with thermal technology, solar panels and green roof systems. President Obama sarcastically joked that some of what he saw reminded him of his 5th grade science fair project.

He toured second lab where they do research on controlling microscopic particles in building environments.

He congratulated the students on their work and said,  "Having this facility, here with the outstanding students, business people who are contributing, that means that they are helping to possibly design buildings that by huge measures are much more efficient than the ones that already exist."

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