Obama and Boehner talking to avoid government shutdown
March 1st, 2011
01:17 PM ET

Obama and Boehner talking to avoid government shutdown

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The House of Representatives is set to vote Tuesday on a bill that would extend funding for the federal government by another two weeks - through March 18 - while cutting $4 billion from current spending levels.  If approved, the measure, which also needs to be cleared by the Senate, would trim spending in earmarks and other programs agreed to by leaders of both political parties. It would prevent a government shutdown after March 4.
While the legislation is expected to clear the Republican-controlled House, some Democrats have indicated a preference for a month-long extension. The White House has voiced concern that the passage of a series of short-term funding bills could create a climate of uncertainty and hamper prospects for a stronger economic recovery.

President Barack Obama called House Speaker John Boehner Tuesday to discuss the measure, according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Carney indicated the administration would be willing to back a package cutting up to $8 billion from current spending levels over a period lasting up to five weeks. The cuts, he told reporters, would be credited toward further decreases in a future comprehensive spending plan covering the remainder of the fiscal year, which expires September 30. (Read more at CNN Politics)

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    After watching the peaceful, purposeful and mindful revolution of Tunisia, Egypt and very soon in Libya and many other middle-east countries by their youth and masses, I am of the opinion that we Americans also need an another more democratic revolution where we all citizen can have our says rather than few billionaires and their surrogates and puppets. Obama was elected by the majority of the poor and middle class Americans but soon he became a stooge of the hard core right wing goons who have already pocketed more than 780 billion dollar tax cuts from the coward Obama and now asking him to cut almost all the programs of poor and middle class Americans. Obama and his goons have no bones but to ask them to place that 780 billion dollar on table but surrendere timidly looking for the prospects of 2012 election rather than the sufferings of the poor people. We need a revolution to change our Constitution to have one vote for each Americans and no special interest goons can enter any government building, no business or corporation or labor union can donate a single penny to the politicians. Hope, Americans will unite and start marching to their capitals and start voicing their demands otherwise we will have to plead to these Arabs masses to provide us moral help and courage to change our freedom and democracy.

    March 1, 2011 at 2:36 pm |