For Obama, Big Apple = big cash
CNN ireport photo of NYC
March 29th, 2011
02:40 PM ET

For Obama, Big Apple = big cash

Barack Obama is heading to New York City Tuesday, where he is expected dedicate a building at the UN complex and conduct interviews likely focusing on Libya with anchors from ABC, CBS, and NBC.

And, of course, when in New York....

In the evening, Obama will headline a DNC fundraiser at Harlem's Red Rooster restaurant.

While the most expensive entree on the dinner menu is $32 (10 oz Prime NY Strip, Trubble Bernaise), guests are forkingĀ over a whopping $30,800 per plate to dine with the president.

According to theĀ New York Daily News, area fundraiser Darren Rigger balked at the hefty price of admission saying, "At $30,000 a plate, it seems like you're going to see them ship in a lot of Wall Street/CEO/hedge fund types to come visit Harlem like they're visiting a tourist attraction."

Rigger added, "The Harlem aspect of it is more symbolic than it is genuine."

What's not symbolic is the $1.5 million he will rake in for his Party's committee.

Later, the president will stop by a "thank you" event with supporters at Harlem's Studio Museum. The DNC tells CNN 250 people will be at the invitation only event and it's not considered a fundraiser.

Obama is expected to return to the White House after 11pm.

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