Did you know..?
President Obama in the treaty room as he reads one of the 10 letters from Americans chosen for him to read everyday
April 12th, 2011
12:00 PM ET

Did you know..?

The Treaty Room is located on the second floor of the White House in the residence, and is used as a private office and study by the president. President Obama was photographed in the room on a recent evening after he had left the Oval Office for the day. Obama was calling Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to discuss the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck the nation on March 11.

The room gets its name from the peace treaty President William McKinley signed there with Spain in 1898 which ended the Spanish-American War. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft displayed personal memorabilia going to their college days in the room, and President Woodrow Wilson would go to the room after dinner to decode classified dispatches sent earlier in the day.

The centerpiece of the room is the Treaty Table, a Victorian desk, upon which the treaty with Spain, and many others have been signed. Many recent presidents have used it as their desk in the study.

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