Did you know...?
President Nixon's daughter Tricia and Edward Cox's wedding ceremony in the Rose Garden on June 12, 1971.
April 26th, 2011
12:00 PM ET

Did you know...?

WASHINGTON (CNN) - In honor of this week's Royal wedding, we wanted to look into the history of weddings at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There have been 21 White House weddings, including nine presidential children and one president, according to Doug Wead, presidential historian and author of "All The Presidents' Children."

President James Monroe's daughter Maria was the first child of a president to marry in the White House, in 1820. Fourteen presidential children were married outside the White House during their father's presidency. The most recent was President George W. Bush's daughter Jenna Bush, who married Henry Hager in Crawford, Texas, in May 2008.

The last wedding to be held at the White House was during the Clinton administration, in May 1994, when Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Anthony Rodham, married Nicole Boxer.

President Richard Nixon's daughter, Tricia Nixon, is the only person to get married in the Rose Garden. According to Wead's website, White House pastry chef Heinz Bender produced a 350 pound, cantilevered cake.

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