Sunday: Mrs. Obama's Africa trip concludes
July 2nd, 2011
02:48 PM ET

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  1. vodknockers

    Obama: Hey Biden, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

    Biden: Again?

    Obama: Presto!
    Lion: ROAR!!!
    Obama: Oops, wrong hat.

    July 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm |
  2. anonymous

    The following is an exact reproduction. Notice George W. is not mentioned anywhere in the letter. Can you spot the untrue statements?

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Dear Charlotte,

    I have something really important to talk to you about but first, I want to apologize for taking so long to send
    this letter and to tell you doing so is very humbling. I should have sent this letter years ago but I didn't know
    then near as much as I know now. Also because of the danger in writing you I hope you respect the need for
    me to keep my personal identify anonymous but I will tell you I am part of the Bush family. Luckily our family
    is large and most already know what I know if not more.

    To begin, if you knew what I know you would know my family members are not your friends. They not only
    don't like you, they in fact hate you. At the same time I need to let you know what you have said regarding the
    Bible Code and Jason is true. It's not just in your head. I know you know that but I know if I were you at
    some point I would wonder myself especially with everyone who knows the truth remaining silent. But what I
    am writing to you about today is what I doubt you know although I may be wrong.

    First I want you to know although my family was extremely disappointed as I'm sure you were when Bill
    Clinton won the election in 1992, it was for the best. I say that because there is evidence a plan formed by and
    during my family's first administration would have led to your demise as soon as Jason was found and
    dentified. When I say your demise I am referring to either your death or an alteration of your mind. It's not
    easy for me to tell you this but we also know your mother and step father knew of the plan and were in
    agreement. The plan was to take you away from Jason and have your memory altered so you wouldn't
    remember ever meeting him.

    In all fairness to my family though I have to tell you the Clinton folks were no saints either. They had plans for
    killing you in Pasadena, California when you and Jason ran the dog grooming shop in 1997 but not at first. I
    understand they sent several of their people into the Dog Wash on Arroyo Parkway to test your memory and
    find out what you knew. Their purpose was to give you the information and then retreat and remain quiet
    making Jason think you were out of your mind in your beliefs. When they realized you didn't remember
    anything, they thought they could get away with killing you. Joanne Nagem who at the time lived in South
    Carolina was one of the people they sent. She caught hell for telling you her husband was a retired physicist.
    They knew you would remember that and identify her later. I don't know if you remember this but they also
    sent in a beautiful woman who was in her early forties with straight shoulder length blonde hair. She worked
    for the White House. She told you if you and Jason needed any financial help to just ask and they would get it
    to you in the form of a "grant" or whatever. I bet she never came back and I bet if you ever took her up on the
    offer you would have received nothing. They purposely spoke to you only while Jason was in the back room
    and unable to see them. I heard about the day Joanne Nagem showed up and was surprised when your
    stepbrother Tommy came out to listen to what she was saying to you. Apparently Tommy's surprise appearance
    made her give up way more personal info than she was suppose to. I was told when Tommy asked Joanne who
    she was Joanne replied, "mother nature". Oh my God, why she didn't come up with something better than that
    only goes to show how out of it she was. I guess she couldn't see the joke was going to be on her. Not to take
    away from the seriousness of the matter since they did have plans to kill you however you and Jason suddenly
    closed the Dog Wash with no warning at all and they had no way of following through with their plan which
    was to have you killed in what would have looked like a robbery at the Dog Wash. I knew Bill Clinton was
    behind that plan and I was right.

    What I'm going to tell you next is still almost impossible for me to believe however if they would do what
    they've done to you I wouldn't doubt what I've been told about this either. Remember Princess Diana and Dodi
    Fayed? I don't know if they are dead now but I do know they were not really dead in 1998 long after the car
    crash that supposedly killed them both. That entire scene was faked and made to appear Diana and Dodi were
    dead when in fact the bodies that were buried were of different people. Diana and Dodi were brought to the
    United States where they were kept hidden. The reason being when Diana found out about the Bible Code and
    Jason she vowed to "tell the world". Prince Charles and his mother wanted to shut her up and so that's the way
    they did it. I understand Clinton's people tried to threaten you into silence by showing you Diana and Dodi in
    1998 in Columbia, South Carolina. I'm not sure of the location or exact circumstances however I was told Bill
    Clinton's folks flaunted Diana and Dodi in front of your face to scare you into realizing what they would do to
    you too if you didn't shut up about Jason and the Bible Code. I was told Diana immediately recognized you and
    Jason and hugged you both. I wonder if you remember this. It's important that you do and you tell what
    happened. If they would do this to Diana and Dodi and keep it quiet all these years you have to tell what you
    know. I do know it's only by a miracle of God that you walked away from them alive that day. I really want to
    know exactly what happened and only you can tell. You have to finish your screenplay if it's not already done
    and include this information.

    The rest I know you remember since it has been well documented by you in letters and Internet postings. Yes,
    the situation that transpired in Maine certainly was planned and there again only by the grace of God are you
    alive. I want you to know as long as you are alive and until the truth comes out you will continue to be in

    As far as the current situation goes, from what I've heard no one in my family actually knows what the Obama
    administration has been up to with you or if they have even been informed of the situation. They are being
    very quiet. I bet they have and are simply waiting for you to have another breakdown so they can take
    advantage and either try to kill you or have you committed. I heard at one point they were apparently going to
    try to infect you with a deadly virus but living in the middle of nowhere in Texas made that unfeasible simply
    because it would have been far too suspect. Be sure they will use corrupt police personnel since the feds are
    still trying to lay low on this situation. Trust me, corrupt or not, policemen are usually more than happy to do
    anything asked of them to help feds out in hopes of getting hired by the Secret Service or something. Right now
    if I were you I would worry about being attacked at your house again and you better believe the police in
    Florida are among the most corrupt in the nation. Even more so than Texas and Maine.

    I know you thought you knew my family well and believe in them. Most everyone feels like you that they are
    honest, God fearing people. But the truth is they are not honest. Yes God fearing and maybe that's what sent
    them down the path they went. They also probably fear their secrets will come out if the truth about
    Jason is known. I can guarantee you there has been ample opportunity for the truth to be told but it never has.
    Most of all don't believe they were forced to be quiet. They weren't. They have been just as involved in the
    cover ups as they were in the plans to harm you. As far as I'm concerned they have betrayed not only God but
    every member of our family who is innocent and had nothing to do with this gargantuan catastrophe.

    I also need to tell you, do not trust Richard Probert. He is probably the worst guy in the world. I'm sure you
    won't be surprised to hear he is a trader but you may be surprised to hear he's a closet gay. He us to browse
    gay bars in Atlanta and Miami on Saturday and Sunday nights looking for gays to hook up with. On Sundays
    they called it "Sneaky Sundays". On Friday nights he would go to straight bars with the guys from the firms he
    worked at to make everyone think he was straight. He reports anything he hears from or about you. He is
    sadistic. During 1994 at one point before you met Jason they thought he was the one and they had Richard
    thinking it himself. He is crazy and as power hungry as they come. At one point he actually thought one day he
    would be President. It will take a miracle cure to stop him from being a total loon.

    There is someone I think you can trust but I won't put a name in this letter. I will send you a clue and I'm
    certain you will agree. I don't know exactly what this person knows but given who it is I can assure you this
    person knows more than most. If you can't get the truth out I'm afraid to know what is in store for those of us
    who are good. I have on many occassions expressed my shame and disgust for all that has happened and that
    my own blood is involved in the cover up. To think the public actually still thinks the "big government secret"
    has to do with aliens from out space. I hate to think what's going to happen when they find out the truth.
    Because of this I have no idea if I'm even safe now and I'm not so sure I can trust my own family. So I
    plead with you to keep pushing foward and bring the screenplay up to date.

    Until then know it is a fact I have made it clear I will go directly to the media to share everything I know if I
    find out anyone makes trouble for you or Jason again. The latest excuse my family gives now for not telling the
    truth is they are afraid if they do tell all hell will break loose and everyone will go crazy when the world finds
    out who Jason is. I have to admit I too have given serious thought to that as well but I don't think that should
    stand in the way of the truth. The world is not going right and there's a reason for Jason's return. As you know
    people are waiting and are ready. I keep telling them this news will come as a total shock to most people and I
    don't believe all hysteria will break out if everyone is seriously told to stay calm and by all means, stay home.
    I'm sure if they hear it from Jason they will stay calm. I believe at this point he is our only hope. Because of this,
    I would like to meet with you and Jason sometime in the very near future. I will give you time to think about it
    and get back in touch with you to find out when and where if you are willing. I can't imagine you wouldn't be.
    Jason's got to come through and believe what we know to be true or the world is doomed to God knows what.

    July 3, 2011 at 9:20 am |
  3. anonymous


    Do you want to send an e-mail message to the White House?

    Good luck.

    In the past, to tell President Bush — or at least those assigned to read his mail — what was on your mind it was necessary only to sit down at a personal computer connected to the Internet and dash off a note to

    But this week, Tom Matzzie, an online organizer with the A.F.L.-C.I.O., discovered that communicating with the White House had become a bit more daunting. When Mr. Matzzie sent an e-mail protest against a Bush administration policy, the message was bounced back with an automated reply, saying he had to send it again in a new way.

    Under a system deployed on the White House Web site for the first time last week, those who want to send a message to President Bush must now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a detailed form that starts by asking whether the message sender supports White House policy or differs with it.

    The White House says the new e-mail system, at http://www.whitehouse .gov/webmail, is an effort to be more responsive to the public and offer the administration "real time" access to citizen comments.

    Completing a message to the president also requires choosing a subject from the provided list, then entering a full name, organization, address and e-mail address. Once the message is sent, the writer must wait for an automated response to the e-mail address listed, asking whether the addressee intended to send the message. The message is delivered to the White House only after the person using that e-mail address confirms it.

    Jimmy Orr, a White House spokesman, described the system as an "enhancement" intended to improve communications. He called it a "work in progress," and advised members of the public who had sensitive or personal matters to bring up with President Bush to use traditional methods of communications, like a letter on paper, a fax or a phone call.

    He said the White House, which gets about 15,000 electronic messages each day, had designed the new system during the last nine months in partnership with a private firm that he would not identify.

    "It provides an additional means for individuals to inquire about policy issues at the White House and get a personalized response in 24 to 48 hours," said Mr. Orr, the Internet news director at the White House.

    It is still possible to send a traditional e-mail message, he said, but the sender will receive the automated reply and there is no guarantee it will be read or responded to.

    Some experts in Internet usability think the new method for sending messages is not doing much to enhance communications between the White House and the public.

    "Over all, it's a very cumbersome process," said Jakob Nielsen, an authority on Web design who helps run a consulting group, Nielsen Norman Group, in Fremont, Calif. "It's probably designed deliberately to cut down on their e-mail."

    The White House said it was taking its Web usability critics in stride.

    "When it comes to a Web site, it's a bit like a movie," Mr. Orr said. "Some will say it's a tour de force; some will say it fell flat."

    He said the new procedure provided a straightforward way for a citizen to let an opinion be known and at the same time receive a quick, tailored response from the White House.

    Acknowledging that there had been glitches in the first few days, Mr. Orr said the new system was being improved. "Having tried it myself," he said, "I would say it's pretty user-friendly."

    But Dr. Nielsen said he found a variety of shortcomings in the White House system, including what he called a deeply buried privacy policy and a lack of indicators marking one's progress in traversing each of the multiple Web page steps. He complained as well about a poorly designed approach to confirming that a message had actually been sent.

    The various categories for describing a message's subject are also a big muddle, Dr. Nielsen said.

    "One of the categories is `National ID Card,' " he said. "Does it mean you're in favor of national ID or in favor of the president's position, which it doesn't describe?"

    Mr. Matzzie, the A.F.L.-C.I.O. organizer, discovered the new White House e-mail system when he started a campaign to protest the administration's proposals to change the way overtime pay is to be calculated.

    He said he particularly disliked being forced to specify whether he was offering a "supporting comment" or a "differing opinion" to President Bush.

    "Can't I just say something or ask a question?" he said.

    Mr. Matzzie said he was also upset that none of the many categories listed included either "unemployment" or "jobs."

    "This is the most ridiculous Web form for contacting someone I have ever seen," said Mr. Matzzie, who is a professional Web site designer.

    Having sent his e-mail message on Tuesday, Mr. Matzzie said he was still waiting for a response.

    July 3, 2011 at 9:38 am |
  4. Liz Carter in Georgia

    Ever since the President told Congress to DO THEIR JOBS, all week it's been WAAAAAH! WAAAAH! He screamed at us! Oh, he screamed at us! He compared us with Malia and Sasha! WAAAAAH! He shouldn't have done that! We really won't pass in our homework now! LOL! He undermined the strides we'd already made! BTW, will someone tell me what strides have they made in ernest, anyway? What strides have they made without a whole lot of kicking, whinning, balking, and pushing back at OBAMA? OBAMA told them off just right!

    July 3, 2011 at 9:47 am |
  5. Liz Carter in Georgia

    Most intelligent political watchers are looking at the treasonistic REPUBLICANS and weak, scared DEMOCRATS like a bunch of 'Little Raschals' fighting over whose 'ball' it is, whose in charge, whose job it is, whose the leader, who OBAMA is, he's not our president, he tells you what to do, he can't tell us what to do, we're not going to do this, we're not doing that, it's his job! Obviously, their goal is to miss the deadlines, undermine, and maliciously obstruct anything the President suggests anyway!

    July 3, 2011 at 10:13 am |
  6. Liz Carter in Georgia

    I've never thought nor do I believe that it's the job of Presidents' 'administration' ONLY to come up with a plan to present to CONGRESS, in this case the REPUBLICANS, in the HOUSE and the SENATE, on raising the debt ceiling; nor on any other issue! I thought that it was the job of both bodies of CONGRESS to devise an appropriate, over-all agreeable plan to present to the PRESIDENT in a bill for him to sign if he can agree with it or veto it! These people keep barking at the PRESIDENT, not each other!

    July 3, 2011 at 10:59 am |
  7. Liz Carter in Georgia

    I thought that after the President rejected a plan, then the executive officials and himself would be obliged to come up with an alternate plan, one that would be hopefully agreeable to all and approved through the CONGRESS; both bodies! REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS! The PRESIDENT has been disrespected and bullied by the Republicans in CONGRESS ever since he set foot in the door! The war in Washington is not ONLY about DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS ideals, it's about YANKEES and REBELS ideals! WASHINGTON vs OBAMA!

    July 3, 2011 at 11:18 am |
    • Jay in NC

      You say he has been bullied by the Republicans in CONGRESS ever since he set foot in the door? Did you forget that the first two years the Democrats were in charge of the Senate and House?

      July 3, 2011 at 7:09 pm |
  8. Askfmb

    The Two Party System (Dem & Rep) is systematically destroying this country, in that, demonization of the opposite party, starting at the government level, has matriculated down to the state level such that, states two party system bicker with each other to such a degree that budgetary priorities for the entirety of its citizens are being considered along party lines.
    The institution of the two party system flaw is that it only represent 51% of the collective whole, meaning, either or will win, and by winning with only 51%, 49% are not represented, which is exactly what our two party system’s focus is today. The Term “Majority” has been lowered from an historically acceptable 75% to 51%, and it’s the 51% that has become the acceptable norm, which reduces significantly, the number to which a representative must appease in order to garner success, when the reality is, 51% representation is a failure under all standards of societies acceptance.
    What’s required to force the two party system to raise the standards of its representation is a 3rd party that expresses its desire to provide a optional role of representing all the American people, forcing the two bickering parties to acknowledge that representing only their ideology will cause them to loose, based on the numbers.
    The America Party is the 3rd Party, which will be ready for the 2016 Elections, and the foundation of their focus will start with the 1/3 of all U.S. Citizens who are not represented by either of the two party systems, which are the “Colored Americans”, the Hispanics, African Americans & Mixed Races”. Added to The American Party will be the “Independent minded Americans, and the bitter Dems & Reps”, all of which will equal numbers that will far surpass the total numbers for either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.
    With the size of the middle class shrinking, forcing former middle families to the lower class, the numbers of the lower class is at historical proportions, while the money and profits for the rich double, we all must realize what the U.S. foundation is built on, “the individual vote of each American Citizen”, and since each poor & each rich can vote only once, the numbers of the poor vote exponentially, outnumber the rich.
    Thus, it will be the task of The American Party to educate the all of the American citizens that each poor vote matter. We will vote out the rich, vote out the Dems & Reps, vote in fair minded poor, rewrite the laws that have been orchestrated to appease the rich and powerful and re-institute the term “The Law Is Blind”.

    July 3, 2011 at 1:21 pm |
  9. Liz Carter in Georgia

    NO! I hadn't forgotten! It seems to me they're shouted down too! They ALL, except for a FEW, have also been cowarded down by the REPUBLICANS! Just like they were during the BUSH administration. When it comes to DEMOCRATS vs REPUBLICANS, the old adage 'there's strength in numbers', often doesn't apply when the DEMOCRATS are in the majority! Their body counts certainly doesn't mean a thing when REPUBS are in the majority! Yep, OBAMA and the DEMS have been boo'ed down ever since he set his feet into office.

    July 3, 2011 at 10:54 pm |
    • Jay in NC

      So, you are giving credit or blaming the Republicans for Barry's stimulus bill, and healthcare bill?

      July 4, 2011 at 9:00 am |
  10. Liz Carter in Georgia

    Yes, I'm giving credit or blaming Republicans for every bump in the road OBAMA has had to take on the healthcare bill, at least. They forced him to to take out 'public option', which was one of the basic reasons we were hoping to get the new bill implemented. I also given credit to the weak Democrats who didn't have his back and let them ram it like they wanted to. I remember he had to go ahead and sign it like the REPUBS wanted it or folks were threatened with their unemployment being cut off! Just devils!

    July 4, 2011 at 6:42 pm |
    • Jay in NC

      Thank goodness someone records the true history so we do not have to rely on Liz. You forgot, or you are trying to lay blame on the Republicans for Barry's healthcare bill. This past Jan. The US House of Representatives voted to repeal the health care legislation. Every Republican voted for the repeal, and all but four Democrats voting against.

      Not a single Republican voted for the original bill back in March 2010. So do not claim that Barry would not sign it until it was like the Republicans wanted it. What a lie you have told.

      July 5, 2011 at 7:53 pm |
      • jean2009

        Thank heavens for the Affordable Care Act of is about time. This is basically the same legislation proposed in the Nixon/Kennedy bill and the same legislation passed by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. The only problem is the Republicans didn't get the bragging rights, and didn't get to give insurers full reign to deny people with serious that explains why they voted against the legislation.

        Had insurers had the right to jack coverage costs for sicker purchasers, and deny certain persons altogether they would have been on board to let them insure young healthy people with a mandate, and reap the profit.

        July 6, 2011 at 12:19 pm |