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    Les Hinton resigned as CEO of Dow Jones & Co. He headed Rupert Murdoch's News International while the News of the World was allegedly hacking into voice mails.

    There you go. Just what I've been saying for years. The stock market is a scam and the media as a whole is part of it and all tied in together. Boy are people stupid are what?

    You all are going to bring each other down and you are all going to get what you deserve.

    As far as the plan, you all figure it out. You would only ignore what I say as you put Gen. Betrayus into the CIA anyway.

    July 15, 2011 at 7:34 pm |
  2. anonymous

    Here's my guess. The power mongers are waiting for us to HAVE to kill ourselves since as they know they have sabotaged every aspect of our lives so we can't even eek out the meagerest of an existance. As soon as they get word we're dead which is what they are waiting for, they will crawl out from under the rocks in which they are currently hiding to bury the "truth" and pretend they are just now finding out we were here and OH WHAT A SHOW THEY WILL PUT ON PRETENDING TO BE SO HORRIFIED THAT NO ONE RECOGNIZED THE RETURN OF JESUS. Then they and others will slowly realize they are literally in HELL and no one will ever be back to help them again. They were born to HELL, they will die in HELL and they will stay in HELL for eternity, only to cease to exist when their time is up. See, we win no matter what you foolish power monger psychos.

    July 15, 2011 at 7:55 pm |
  3. anonymous


    This Is It, “Folks”
    By: Charlotte Palm
    July, 2009

    Ok, by now most of you in Animal Rescue within the DFW/Ft. Worth area have heard about the 14-18 puppies who died needlessly at Jacksboro’s Animal Shelter because of Starr Kinder and according to Starr also because of the so called “rescuers” who frequent , a yahoo group set up for networking by DFW area “self proclaimed” animal rescuers.

    According to Starr Kinder she had the puppies who died at the Jacksboro shelter posted on for almost two months. However apparently for some reason all those rescuers who claim they have the bases covered for homeless animals here in North Central Texas didn’t seem to think those puppies mattered. For as we know, not one of those Jacksboro puppies were rescued from the shelter by any rescue group whatsoever although Starr claims Operation Kindness almost picked the puppies up. Who knows for sure if that is true however if it is, “almost” certainly didn’t cut it in their case. And what about North Texas Humane Society who just took 500 puppies from a puppy mill. If they could help 500 puppies last week why couldn’t they rescue 14-18 puppies the week before. Oh that’s right, the 500 puppy mill deal was going to be a photo op involving the news stations where they could get their name in lights to help bring in money.

    But first there is still more information concerning DFW area rescues that most of you have not heard yet and it concerns how good of a job the DFW area animal rescues are really doing over all in their so called efforts to rescue homeless animals. The information you are about to receive is not limited to just the rescues, it also proves how good of a job those involved in the side line areas of animal rescue are doing and exactly how much effort they are really putting forth to help homeless animals on a daily basis.

    As the DFW rescue groups know we have gone to great efforts to investigate this subject spending more than two months uncovering the truth and documenting each and every bit of information we came up with during this ongoing and very controversial investigation. So what we will do is simply deliver the facts in a plain straight forward fashion and then let the public decide if these rescue groups do in fact have all the bases covered as they claim.

    This investigation began out of an apparent need for help which a few shelter animals conveyed through the terrible and overwhelming desperation which showed in their eyes. A need which was discovered almost by accident. It began when we moved to the western area of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and just happened to stumble upon a little scary municipal animal shelter tucked way down a dirt road, almost in the woods on the outskirts of a small old rickety town called Jacksboro. The town of Jacksboro Animal Shelter. Upon seeing the sign for the shelter pointing down the dirty little road we knew it didn’t look like a place any animal would ever want to end up so we decided to see for ourselves how the shelter actually looked instead of simply jumping to conclusions based on the town itself or the location of the shelter. Upon pulling up to the shelter we quickly noticed no humans at all were anywhere in sight nor were there any vehicles in the parking area adjacent to the shelter. We did notice a few dogs and puppies who stuck their heads to the front of the small concrete enclosures they were in and a couple more dogs and puppies in the fenced in dirt area beside the shelter building. Our first thought was how often is anyone here to give the animals attention and take care of them. We pet the dogs we were able to reach with the tips of our fingers though the chain linked fence and who looked not only desperate to get out but also desperate for human contact. Glancing around we noticed absolutely no dog beds, blankets or anything cushiony had been provided for the dogs who were having to lay day and night on the concrete floor of their concrete doggie prison or the dirty ground with flies galore and so much doggie doo it almost made us sick.

    Not knowing what we could do we decided we would take down the phone number posted on a sign hung from the chain link fence which was apparently for the animal control officer. Upon getting back home we decided to call the number and we spoke to a woman who said her name was Starr. She sounded nice and like she cared about the animals at the shelter so that made us feel a little better. We asked her if we could pick up some of the dogs at the shelter and take them to our home to play in the lake and have a day or two per week to have fun away from the shelter and maybe we could help find homes for them. She said that would be fine and that she had a chocolate lab named “Charlie Brown” who had been at the shelter a really long time and loved playing in water. She said she knew this because he was always trying to climb into the big pink bucket they had to drink water from. We said great we’ll pick him up in the morning. Starr asked what time and agreed to meet us at the shelter at that time.

    Sure enough we arrived at the shelter the next morning and met Charlie Brown. We didn’t say anything when we saw he was covered in huge ticks which all of a sudden Starr noticed too. She seemed a little embarrassed about the ticks and started picking them off of him and stomping the ticks into the concrete ground. Charlie Brown was so happy it was like he already knew we were coming for him. Needless to say the boy was as delighted as he could be to walk back out through the gate of what we later found to be “doggie hell” and into our vehicle. We drove him to our home and sure enough he was a lovely, friendly dog and he enjoyed the water. Long story short we found a home for Charlie Brown the very next day and now he has a beautiful home with a huge fenced in area with thick green grass, horses, chickens and another little dog to play with. He also goes inside the house whenever he wants. Last we saw of Charlie Brown he was sporting a big smile, for he is now a happy dog.

    That made us feel so good we thought, lets go and see what else we can do to help. So we decided to phone other small towns in the area to see if they were having trouble finding homes for the animals they had in their shelters. After talking to the first three or four animal control officers we agreed some special event for the municipal shelters would be good. Something like a big multi shelter co-op adopt-a-thon. All the animal control officers agreed, yes that would be wonderful and we would really appreciate it if you would be willing to organize it for us. So with that said we decided we would do just that. The first decision to be made was where to have the adopt-a-thon and who all to invite. We thought well, let’s invite every municipal shelter in the DFW area since most probably need all the help they can get. Sounds fair, right?

    We then decided we would start on the west side with the first adopt-a-thon and if successful we could organize more adopt-a-thons throughout the coming months for the north, south, east and central part of the DFW area. We began calling different people, parks, ranches, towns, etc and sure enough we received a couple of offers to host the adopt-a-thon. One offer came from Ginger at the Indoor Dog Park in Dallas. She sent an email saying she would love to host the event and to call her. So we called her and left a message and replied back to her email. We also received an offer from Wildcatter Ranch in Graham which is a world class resort and restaurant on the west side of the DFW area. They however were already booked up for weddings on every Saturday through August but they said any time in September would be good and they would be glad to be a host. We talked to a very nice gentleman who is head of parks and recreation for Highland Park in Dallas about hosting one of the adopt-a-thons however we quickly determined parking would be an issue at any park in that nice little town. This gentleman called us and offered many good suggestions of other locations to consider which he had thought of.

    We then decided to also invite all the DFW area rescues and non municipal shelters who were currently or had recently pulled animals from the municipal shelters since they too were all claiming to be overflowing at their foster homes and shelters . The thought was if we help the rescue groups, humane societies and SPCA’s adopt out the animals they rescued it will make room for those groups to rescue more of the municipal shelter animals and therefore free up space at the municipals who euthanize on a “need for room” basis.

    While we were trying to pin point the best location for the event we decided to get on and look up the email addresses for each Dallas/Ft. Worth area animal rescue. We quickly noticed most of the rescues didn’t give a phone number on their info page and if they did it was usually a number going straight to “voice mail”. We also quickly noticed many of the rescues didn’t give a street address at all, just a P.O. box. We noticed too that almost all of the rescues and shelters had a place on their info page asking for donations and how to donate. Upon reading the info pages for the various rescues and humane societies, etc. we quickly noticed most of them did not have a shelter at all and any animals who were available for adoption through their rescues were at foster homes.

    My first thought was why would rescues which charge upwards to $450.00 for an adoption fee for an animal they got for free need donations if they don’t even have a shelter to up keep and volunteers keep and care for the animals at their homes for free. It didn’t seem fair for the shelters who are housing the animals on a daily basis and providing food, water, medical care, clean up , etc. on a daily basis to be ranked amongst the rescues and having to fight for donations amongst all the rescues. After all many of the shelters have over 100 animals and many of the rescues only have 10 or so animals in their foster “programs”. I know of many people who have 10 animals of their own but you don’t find them on thumping for donations.

    Our first thoughts went back to our dealings with Frisco Humane Society last year and so we already knew the rescues get spay/neuter and all veterinary needs taken care of at a very low cost as compared to the average person. We know for a fact the Frisco Humane Society can get an average dog’s spay/neutering , shots, micro chip, and health check all for around $75.00 from a private veterinarian in McKinney. This was when their adoption fee was $165.00 therefore leaving Frisco Humane Society who only has a foster program and no shelter with an average of $90.00 per dog profit. Actually the profit margin will be higher because of course many of the dogs they accept into their program were already spayed/neutered before they ended up in Frisco Humane Society’s program. Therefore to be more accurate the average profit for FHS is probably more like $110.00 per dog if their adoption fee is still $165.00. That’s pretty good if you consider all they do is post the dogs on the internet and wait for someone to email them. Now for those who are thinking these rescues go to a lot of trouble “screening” applicants to make sure the dogs end up in good homes, let me stop you there and say I can prove most of the rescue people don’t go to that much trouble at all. Considering the breed specific rescues charge upwards to $450.00 per dog for a dog they get for free, well you do the math. These rescues are making plenty of money and that’s a fact.

    That’s why many call themselves “career rescuers”, a term which was recently used by a worker at the Ft. Worth Animal Control/Shelter who also works at night on her animal coalition which charges a $20.00 membership fee to anyone who wants to help her help animals. Did I say help her help animals. I’m sorry I meant help her help herself. That’s right when we sent an email to the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter inviting the shelter to bring their animals to the adopt-a-thon we received not a reply back about attending the adopt-a-thon but a reply back from Anne inviting us to pay her $20.00 for a membership into her coalition. To all who think that sounds a little weird please check my web site and you will find a copy of the very email Ann sent regarding her night time project using her email account with the City of Ft. Worth for the “credibility’ factor she obviously thought it would lend.

    The reason I mentioned Anne is to give you all an idea of the kind of responses we received from the DFW area shelters and rescues regarding the adopt-a-thon. Keep in mind none of these people knew of us when we began organizing the adoption event. They didn’t know us from any other person in the Metroplex. Now with that said I’ll get straight to the point and I will announce right here and right now that out of approximately 370 emails sent out regarding the adopt-a-thon to almost every DFW area animal shelter and rescue (both municipal and non-municipal), we received a total of maybe 4 or 5 replies. Now you may be thinking they didn’t receive the emails but unfortunately that is not true. They did receive the emails. I know this because of not only the few replies back I did receive but also because we put one of our own email addresses in the mix of each batch of email addresses we sent the invitations to and we received the emails back every time. Since then we have also received additional unquestionable proof the rescues and shelters did in fact receive all the emails sent to them regarding the adopt-a-thon. Let’s be clear. We not only sent out the first announcement/invitation for the adopt-a-thon, we sent out four announcements/invitations total to each and every rescue/shelter we had email addresses for (approximately 370). We did so on purpose to make sure no one who received an invitation could claim they never received an invitation. To some of the rescues/shelters which we didn’t have an email address for, we called and got a fax number and faxed the information on to the appropriate person in charge of the rescue/shelter operations.

    Out of the four replies we received one was from a rescue in Dallas which lied and said they already had an adoption event which had been planned a long time that was scheduled for the same day and time ours was scheduled for. Suspecting they were not telling the truth we checked their website the week of the adopt-a-thon and sure enough there they had their adoption event schedule posted on their website and no event was scheduled for that upcoming weekend. The second reply was from a woman who volunteers at an animal league who said she would try to make it and bring some of their dogs. She didn’t make it to the event. The other two replies were from volunteers at a nearby municipal shelter and a 78 year old woman who rescues. She drove almost two hours from her home to attend the adopt-a-thon with four or five of her rescue dogs . Yes she replied and yes she attended the adopt-a-thon. A 78 year old.

    Everyone says things happen for a reason and I believe that more than ever since at that time the best place to hold the first adoption event seemed to be Jacksboro. Starr the Jacksboro animal control officer asked the city officials if we could have the adopt-a-thon in Jacksboro during the town’s annual Summer Festival. They were hoping the adopt-a-thon would help turn public opinion towards Jacksboro around since they had a really bad experience during last years summer festival according to Starr which lead to the Chief of Police being fired. Word from Star is the Chief moved the festival from the usual town square location to a state park and told the festival vendors to expect around 5,000 people at the festival. When no where near that number showed up it left the vendors with way more product than they could sell and had some of the vendors so upset they promised they would never return to Jacksboro.

    On the day Starr called to say Jacksboro would host the first adoption event we thought good that will maybe help attract attention to how many improvements are needed at the Jacksboro Animal Shelter. Also since Barbara from Parker Paws said they didn’t like holding adoption drives during the summer months because of the heat we thought we could let them know we were going to have grassy lots as opposed to concrete parking lots, a misting system for their canopies, and vendors with drinks, food, etc. who would already be there for the Summer Festival. After all they don’t stop euthanasia for lack of room during the summer months, do they?

    For all who may be thinking how in the world would you expect much turn out for an adopt-a-thon in Jacksboro, Texas keep in mind the shelters and rescues were not the only ones receiving emails asking for participation. We decided since the adopt-a-thon was for all animal shelters and rescues throughout the North Central Texas region we would be able to count on the folks in the newsrooms at the network television stations and the folks at the radio stations and newspapers to help spread the word. After all we did promote the event as an effort to raise public awareness to exactly how many dogs and cats were currently waiting at shelters hoping someone would come into the shelter and take them home. So we collected the email addresses and fax numbers to all area network television newsrooms, radio stations and newspapers including WFAA Channel 8, KTVT Channel 11, KDFW Channel 4, and KERA. DFWNBC is off the hook since we never sent the information to that station. We carefully picked which radio stations to send the PSA announcements to based on which type of listener would provide the best homes. We sent the PSA announcements to the Dallas Morning News and to the Star Community Newspapers, and also to various small town newspapers on the west side of the DFW area.

    Again all the newsrooms, radio stations and newspapers who received the press release and PSA regarding the adopt-a-thon received four separate rounds of emails and faxes regarding the event beginning approximately 11 days in advance and on up to the morning of the adoption event. We also emailed a few animal coalitions, leagues and animal news web sites such as one a man named Larry hosts and sells advertising space on.

    After the first or second round of emailing and faxing the shelters, rescues and news outlets regarding the event however receiving only one reply we decided maybe we should make a documentary of our efforts to show who was willing to participate and who was willing to simply ignore all of our efforts to help the homeless animals of the DFW area. So with that said I would like to announce that on the third round of emails regarding the event we decided to mention we were also making a documentary of the adopt-a-thon including the planning of the event. . We thought maybe that would help boost interest in the event even if it was interest for the wrong reasons which would be to cover their behinds and make it look like they were sincerely interested in doing all they could do to help get the homeless animals into what many of them like to call “furever” homes. We were partly correct. Low and behold all of a sudden we started getting a some replies but the replies were to make excuses for why they wouldn’t be attending or replies pretending they were going to show up and volunteer at the event. One person who finally replied immediately after learning of the documentary was Larry the news/advertising salesman. He wanted to know all about the documentary and who, when, where, why and how much and he added that it was a great idea and whoever came up with the idea needed to get credit. We answered all of Larry’s questions the best we could and added we didn’t want any credit we just wanted the event to be successful so that the adopt-a-thons can continue and hopefully many homeless animals would find homes and the public would really “get it” when it comes to exactly how many animals are waiting to find a good home. After a few rounds of answering Larry’s questions and noticing Larry was really dwelling on the documentary more than the event itself we also noticed Larry was repeating the same questions we had already answered. We soon realized Larry had no intention of helping and corresponding with him was most likely a waste of time however we left it polite with Larry so he could do what he wanted to do and therefore what he was going to do anyway.

    Within in few days I received a reply from a woman who has worked tirelessly in Dallas helping animals and while talking to her she mentioned Larry and told me he had done the exact same thing to her that he did to us when she was planning an event. She described Larry to a T. She couldn’t have put it better when she said Larry thinks he’s the end all and be all to any news stories concerning DFW animals and he thinks if he doesn’t cover the story it’s not going anywhere. She added he will make efforts to make sure the event doesn’t get anywhere. She said she thought he is truly disturbed. Listening to her I couldn’t help think this woman sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. So a few days later I decided to send Larry another email in reference to the event and sure enough Larry emailed back that he didn’t want to put anything about the adopt-a-thon on his site because he said he would have to let everyone know about the documentary. I emailed him back and said Larry we already told everyone about the documentary. He said I would have to do more to convince him to help. I never figured out what Larry meant by that however now I suspect Larry wanted us to pay him. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. I told Larry that’s OK I’ve already heard you have a reputation for this sort of “strange” behavior and I would just mark him down as a big “NO” on the list of folks who offered to help with the adopt-a-thon . Larry showed his behind by saying he thought the adopt-a-thon arose out of our desire to make a documentary. Little did Larry know we are in no shortage of material to make a documentary a lot more interesting than the scamming of DFW rescue groups. I concluded by reassuring Larry that was not the case however I already knew no one could tell Larry anything. Larry believed what Larry wanted to believe.

    Even after letting everyone know we were making a documentary we still didn’t get much response however certainly more than before we broke the word about the documentary. Not really to our surprise the least amount of response came from the media outlets so we decided to ask a few Dallas area businesses that were known to do a lot of advertising with the network and radio stations and newspapers to help. We thought they could help convince these news outlets to get the word out to the public since there was no way the adopt-a-thon would work unless the public knew about the adopt-a-thon. So we picked Neiman Marcus, Park Place Mercedes Benz and a fairly new restaurant called Five Sixty to contact. We knew Neiman Marcus was based in Dallas and had a lot of connections within the media outlets, same with Park Place Mercedes Benz and the owner of Five Sixty, Wolfgang Puck and his staff often dedicated much of their time to animal welfare issues. We called all three and received the names and fax numbers for the appropriate individuals to contact in order to ask for assistance with the media. We knew they were adults and if they were not the right person within their company they would surely forward the request on to the right person. Right? Well who knows if they were or were not the appropriate individuals because after sending all three of them three faxes each on three separate days, not one response of any kind was received from either of them or anyone else at the three companies. We sent the emails to Gabrielle Depapp of Neiman Marcus, the director of marketing for Park Place Mercedes Benz and Shawn Horne of Five Sixty.

    During the planning stage like many area rescues and municipal shelters we placed ads for volunteers on Craigslist. We received approximately five offers from individuals in the DFW area to help out at the adopt-a-thon however not one of the individuals who offered to help actually showed up and made good on their promise to be there.

    During the planning of the event we came across a rescue group advertising on Craigslist for an upcoming adoption event in a Big Lots parking lot so I emailed them. One rescuer emailed back and then a friend of hers began emailing me. She gave me a lot of good information and told me how good a response she had been getting when she posts shelter animals on Craigslist The first woman said she was experiencing burn out, adding she had never experienced so much turmoil in her entire life than working with animal rescue people and never again would she get involved in animal rescue with a group of women. The other said she had stopped volunteering at one of the municipal shelters because of all the petty bickering and she found the woman there were impossible to work with.

    As time grew closer to the adopt-a-thon it became very apparent very early on the shelters and rescue groups had no intention whatsoever of attending the adopt-a-thon which was planned to help raise awareness to exactly how bad the homeless animal crisis was getting in the DFW area and also to get people out to adopt the animals. We figured Jacksboro was pretty far out but then again people drive the same distance away from the DFW area on the week ends all the time to enjoy themselves on the lakes. We also felt the long drive would help bring forth the people who would be willing to go the extra mile, literally, to help homeless animals and thus be more likely to provide better care and in turn a better home for any animal they adopted. It all made sense with all considered.

    I still have not figured out why but on the day before the adopt-a-thon we began getting really nasty emails from a few of the rescue groups. A couple of the rescue woman wrote that they didn’t need people like us helping THEIR homeless animals and they thought we were only trying to help so we could “garner respect from the animal rescue groups”. However according to these women we were not worthy of their respect and we needed to just go away because they had no respect for us all though they didn‘t know us. Well not ever having dealt with anyone like that before in our lives we really didn’t know how to respond except to tell those three or four woman that we certainly didn’t care if they hated us and that we would actually consider it disturbing if they did respect us after that show of “who they were”. The lead instigator of all of that was none other than Joyce Conley from the SADIE Foundation. Joyce runs a foster program in Mesquite and she likes her donations.

    Well the day of the adopt-a-thon came and went and just as we had expected only four rescues/shelters showed up with one of them being Jacksboro. We had the misting system, canopies, vendors with food and drinks, and for the most part stayed fairly cool. Radio station 95.5 was there and announced the adopt-a-thon and I understand the Graham Leader and the Jacksboro Gazette both ran information about the adopt-a-thon in their papers although I have not seen either and have been to busy to look. As for the network news stations, the Dallas Morning News and the Star Community Newspapers I never heard anyone say any of those outlets ran one story about the adopt-a-thon. Nonetheless two dogs found homes and two more went from a kill shelter into rescue. As far as adoptions go it was a flop however it really gave us great insight into just how the rescue groups operate and thus information to pass on to the public which we can prove. Judging from hind sight it is apparent this project was “meant to be” for this very purpose.

    Since the adopt-a-thon I wrote an article which highlighted the top 43 rescue groups which various animal control officers throughout DFW claim pull animals most frequently from their shelters. Also since the article came out we have been attacked like never before from some of the remaining rescue groups that didn’t make the top 43 list. I don’t know how they find it our fault they weren’t on the list and why they want to hate the messengers. I guess they fill if the information makes it to the public in large numbers they will feel the effects in terms of donation dollars since most people will think to send their donations to the rescue groups doing the most good, naturally. So with that said here again is the top 43 rescue groups as reported by the animal control officers at the DFW area municipal shelters.

    Operation Kindness
    Homeward Bound
    MARS (Mobil Animal Rescue Service)
    Paws Patrol
    Metroport Humane Society
    STARS (Save The Animals Rescue Society)
    Texas Tailwaggers Village Rescue
    Bull Terrier Club of Dallas
    Legacy Boxer Rescue
    Companion Animal Network
    DFW Golden Retrievers
    Young County Humane Society
    Petite Paws Animal Advocates
    Smiling Dogs Farm–Wharton , TX (near Houston)
    Second Chance SPCA
    Happy Tail of Gun Barrel City
    Pound Pals
    Adopt-A-Husky of Dallas
    Guardian Angels
    American Boston Rescue
    North Texas Golden Retriever
    North Texas Labs
    Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of N. Texas
    Dachshund Lovers of Texas
    Chicks & Mutts
    Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue
    Humane Society of Lewisville
    DFW Pug Rescue
    Classy Cats
    All Texas Family Rescue
    Kitty Save
    SPCA of North Texas
    Collin County Humane Society
    Coppell Humane Society
    Animal Guardians of America
    Metroplex Animal Coalition
    Fuzzy Friends (not to be confused with Furry Friends of Granbury)
    Forever Friends,
    A Different Breed
    Great Pyrenees
    Texas Lab Rescue
    Take Me Home Pet Rescue
    Love Pyrenees

    I would also like to report almost all of the specific breed rescuers have absolutely no interest in rescuing dogs of any other breeds other than that of their rescue program. Maybe they should quit calling themselves rescue groups and call themselves dog re-sale groups since that’s exactly what they do. Some of them get very mad if they receive even one email with any information regarding an animal in need which is not the breed they “re-sale”. Talking about scary.

    Now getting back to some of the people who are a part of DFWCares. Let’s see, they first completely ignored the adopt-a-thon in Jacksboro, then they completely ignored the puppies at Jacksboro who had been posted as needing homes and then after finding out what happened to the puppies some of them decided to repeatedly remove the story about what happened to the puppies off of Craigslist so the public wouldn’t find out either. Not only that, but some of them called Jim Douglas at WFAA Channel 8 and tried to get him to produce an attack piece on the Palms however Jim ended up realized those woman at DFWCares were the liars. They tried to claim the puppies never died and it was all just a lie and that we made the story up. My goodness, sounds like a MAJOR CASE OF GUILTY CONSCIENCES TO ME! No doubt about it!

    Also don’t forget to read about Nicole Sica. I understand she has since nominated herself as “dumb ass” of the year. She joined some of the woman of DFWCares in making a fool of herself too. She likes to posts statements on her website granting permission for anyone to freely quote her articles and when they do so while giving her credit just as she instructs, she accuses them of plagiarizing. She is the biggest nut case I have come across in a long long time. Someone at ABC’s Good Morning America’s Pet Connection put it best when she referred to Nicole Sica as a “loon” in an email sent to me last week.

    Either way it doesn’t look good. Maybe some of these so called “rescuers” will finally come together over their passion for hating me and work as a team to do the most they can to help all the DFW area shelter animals and not just the ones they think they can turn the quickest buck on.

    Then we will have won.

    July 15, 2011 at 10:18 pm |