Briefing Bites: the 9-9-9-9 plan
October 27th, 2011
03:30 PM ET

Briefing Bites: the 9-9-9-9 plan

Jay Carney briefed reporters Thursday – his first of the week given the president's trip out west. The hot topics included Congress' low approval rating, the latest violence surrounding the "Occupy" protesters, and Europe's latest plan for Greece. Here's the key sound:

On a new CBS poll indicating Congress has a 9 percent approval rating:

I think another poll that shows how out of sync Republicans in Congress are with the mainstream is the recent one that showed a historic low 9% approval rating for Congress. I mean, I know 9 is a popular number in the Republican party, but this can't possibly be the kind of 9 that they want. 9-9-9... 9

On news the GDP grew by 2.5 percent over the summer:

2.5 per cent growth may be better than it was the previous quarter, but it is not good enough. Absolutely not good enough. You know we all speak enough frequently with economists to know that 2.5 per cent growth is not – while it is positive, is not enough to significantly affect employment. We need to take action to ensure that the economy grows faster, and to ensure that more people get on the job and go back to work.

On recent violence resulting from “Occupy” protesters

We understand the frustrations that are being expressed specifically with regard to the need to make sure that Main Street and Wall Street operate by the same set of rules. And the general frustration with the need for jobs and economic growth that creates opportunity for middle class Americans. And certainly we have a long and noble tradition of free expression and free speech in this country. It's also important that laws are upheld and obeyed. But that's a broad view, I haven't had a discussion about specific cities or instances with the president.

On EU’s decision to right down 50 percent of Greece’s debt:

We believe the Europeans have the capacity to deal with this challenge. We welcome the decisions that were made last night by the European Union, which lay a critical foundation for a comprehensive, conclusive solution – the kind of solution that we've been urging them to make. And we will look forward to the full development and implementation of that plan and we'll continue to work with our counterparts there. This is an important obviously part of the world and with very important impacts on the American economy.

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  1. C-Lo

    So he can make a snide remark about 9-9-9...9, but refuses to denounce the violence of OWS protesters without a discussion about it with the President?

    Is it so hard to separate the message from the messenger?

    October 27, 2011 at 5:32 pm |
    • TruthPlease

      the president did not start the ows. he just condoned their efforts and understands their frustration.

      October 28, 2011 at 10:25 am |
    • Trace


      Its again a pleasure to respond to one of your posts. As you Jean2009, Steveo have been discussing ideology is key hear, without all the name calling....I promise to stop LOL

      Anyway, I'm sure you've seen the story about the Marine Veteran that is near death for participating in the OWS protest in Oakland. You, Steveo, Jean2009 have been discussing our rights assigned as "freedom of speech". This veteran had every right to protest, what he saw as inequities in our society.

      I refuse to assign everyone protesting Wall Street as a slacker, a bum, just looking for a handout. It doesn't matter anymore what party cause this problem. I contend it was the policies of the last administration. And contrary to the opinion "Obama caused it"...I truly believe our President is doing the best he can to resolve it. Its just silly to believe that President Obama even made the problem worse. We were headed to a 2nd Depression with a melt down of our financial system and millions of jobs lost, BEFORE OBAMA EVER TOOK THE OATH OF OFFICE.

      It frustrates me to hear the vapid remarks and rants, Obama is dividing and destroying our country. He's muslim; really? This president has nearly decimated everything calling itself Al Qaeda. And from what I understand, every member of Al Qaeda worships Islam. Obama is a Socialist....Ha, that's laughable. Only naive, less than intellectually competent people would accept that premise. But finally, to say our President is engaging in class warfare. Call it what you like;
      but Obama is advocating his own personal taxes be increased, because he has more money than all of the people posting on this site today COMBINED. Why a reported selfish socialist like Obama, advocate the raising of his own taxes, unless he thought it was to the benefit of the country we all say we love.

      I wish people would be more thoughtful in their criticism of this president, because that is the only way we can have a meaningful debate about the best way forward for this country.

      I trust this post is received in the nature in which it was intended....with respect and humility to a person who is reasonable and intelligent

      October 28, 2011 at 11:52 am |
      • jean2009

        Thank you for saying it so well.

        October 28, 2011 at 12:19 pm |
      • C-Lo


        Just to be clear, I've never "accused" Obama of being a Muslim. If you have seen that somewhere, please let me know, and I will renounce that here and now. I made a snide remark about his 57 state gaffe, but it was another (Howard I think) that turned that into the "muslim" conversation. Nor have I ever been a "birther" as his mother is a US citizen, which by direct extention makes him a US Citizen unless he renounced it at some time (which was never a contention).

        Is he a Socialist...I think he has a very socialist leaning...he talked about spreading the wealth, and he is trying to act on it through taxation. Yes, conservatives have made "socialist" a dirty word. I don't see it that way necessarily, I just don't want to live in that type of society. There are many that do, and for them, there are pleanty of countries to choose from. Going back to another reply, I don't even care if you choose to set up a community in the US that is socialist. There are pleanty of communes around to choose from too, if "communism" better suits someone. I don't think, in the US, it is DC's responsibility to "force" that on the population as a whole.

        RE the Marine vet...yes he does have every right to protest, in a peaceful and lawful manner, as do the rest of us. It is tragic, and will be interesting to see what happens in the days to come. Denver's Occupy demonstrations have been the opposite of what happend in Oakland. A few arrests, but the Mayor, police and demonstrators had discussions leading to the "confrontation" which was relatively minor. A handfull of arrests for civil disobedience. The protesters even took great pains early on to remove "projectiles" to prevent rogue protestors. Though I generally disagree with their message, again–waiting for gov't to act on our behalf, I respect their right to PEACEFULLY protest. I think this marine was a victim, not purpotrator, and it goes to show the effect a few rouges can have on a larger cause. To paint all these protestors as vegrants or violent is as disenginuous as painting the Tea Party movement as racist. Would you agree?

        October 28, 2011 at 12:52 pm |
      • steveo

        Trace, well though out and intelligent post! Anybody who colors any group based upon the handful of those who dwell on the fringes is just silly and cannot be taken seriously! (whether OWS, TEA PARTY, or boy scouts) IMO these peole are just stirring the pot and are offereing nothing by way of intelligent input! I will say this about the President advocating the raising of his own taxes. Somebody please eliminate the loop holes!
        1. The rich will ALWAYs protect their money, they know how!
        2. The poor will be cared for by the government.
        3. The middle class are on a shrinking island!
        If nothing is done it will only get worse!

        October 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm |
  2. SiriusVH

    2.5% growth is probably too high for Republicans, given their objective.

    October 27, 2011 at 11:47 pm |
    • Trace

      great post SiriusVH. Says alot without alot of words

      October 28, 2011 at 11:56 am |
    • jean2009

      Quit calling them Republicans. That party no longer exists. It has been hi-jacked by neo-Nazi, John Birch, Libertarian, Tea Party people, they call themselves Republicans because that name may hoodwink and still sell. If they called themselves what they really are and their true motives....they know it would be over.

      I might remind C-Lo that I can type Tea Party violence in my search engine and get 24,000,000 hits, I can type Libertarian violence and get 5,400,000 hits, plus many violence hits for the John Birch Society and neo-Nazi.

      Plus in his job capacity, Mr. Carney does not speak for himself...he speaks for the POTUS, and he, as do many people, understand the frustration of people.... who have no job, have lost their home, cannot afford the cost of student loans. and the utter greed of people at the top of the food chain in their desire to keep things just as they are.

      October 28, 2011 at 12:11 pm |
      • C-Lo

        And Jean, I ask you quit equating neo-Nazis with Libertarians, they are complete opposites...Nazism and communism are at the big gov't control end (with different objectives for the gov't), libertarians are at the small/limited gov't end. Because the Republican party has lost its identity, it's going through the same pains as the Dems did 20 yrs ago trying to appease socialist, green party, etc.

        Your last paragraph was the exact point I was making...he spoke his own opinion "I think another poll that shows....I mean, I know 9 is a popular number in the Republican party..." No mention of Obama's opinions/thoughts on it, but then when asked about OWS, " I haven't had a discussion about specific cities or instances with the president." So, like us, you (he) cannot have it "both ways" either.

        October 28, 2011 at 12:23 pm |
      • jean2009

        C-Lo if you claim to be a Libertarian and are currently a part of the Republican party you (not me) is the one equating yourself with neo-Nazis. Since they are currently a large part of the makeup of that party. If they are going to have a big tent policy then you are in that big tent with them. Which can be schizophrenic to say the least.

        He may have given his thoughts on all three points, plus it is possible that he was asked the president's views about OWS which this reporter has not clarify as being included as part of the question. I can accept the fact that he hasn't had an in depth discussion about OWS with the President...without making a mountain out of a mole hill, that he answered questions here but not there. I'm sure he fields a lot of questions each day that either haven't been on the radar, or haven't been discussed in detail, and the report above does not give a full quoted question for before each response. It only refers to them as "key" sounds.

        October 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm |
  3. Liz Carter in Georgia

    Intelligently and beautifully worded; a good, reasonable post Trace. That's your modus operendi, I've noticed and I LOVE IT! Those are my exact sentiments...and as my grandmother used to say.... 'It's so clear, even a fool ought not error'! I agree with you.

    October 31, 2011 at 11:53 pm |