POTUS's schedule for Thursday, January 5, 2012
January 5th, 2012
08:30 AM ET

POTUS's schedule for Thursday, January 5, 2012

President Obama will head over to the Pentagon this morning to deliver remarks on the Defense Strategic Review, which as CNN has been reporting, is where the Pentagon will present a review saying the US shouldn't fight in two major ground wars simultaneously in the future. He will be joined by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. According to guidance from the White House,  his remarks will "come after a comprehensive review of our defense strategy by the President, America's civilian and uniformed military leadership, and the Administration's national security team."

The only other thing on his schedule is an afternoon meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

For the full guidance from the White House, click below.

Guidance from the White House:



9:30AM          Pool Call Time

10:00AM        THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing Oval Office (Closed Press)

 10:50AM        THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the Defense Strategic Review   The Pentagon (Open Press) 

3:30PM           THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT meet with Secretary Geithner  Oval Office (Closed Press) 

Briefing Schedule

TBD               Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney



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