POTUS's schedule for Wednesday, March 21, 2012
March 21st, 2012
08:03 AM ET

POTUS's schedule for Wednesday, March 21, 2012

President Obama heads out for his four state/two day trip to tout his administration’s energy plan and talk to the American people about what his administration is doing to combat rising gas prices. He’ll be visiting Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Ohio and three out of four states just so happen to be key battleground states.  He’ll start out his energy trip out Wednesday with a stop in Boulder City, Nevada (battleground state #1) where he’ll visit the Cooper Mountain Solar 1 Facility, which is the largest photovoltaic plant in the U.S. In understandable terms, it makes solar panels, and lots of them. According to the Las Vegas Sun, “The panels at Solar 1 produce 58 megawatts of power, enough for more than 17,000 average homes and the recent 48-megawatt expansion of the site, completed in 2010, cost about $141 million and created 350 temporary construction jobs. However, only five people are currently employed there full time.” The White House tells us that the facility operates nearly one million solar panels. In his remarks at this stop, he will talk about “his Administration’s focus on diversifying our energy portfolio, including expanding renewable energy from sources like wind and solar, which thanks in part to investments made by this Administration is set to double in the President’s first term.” 

He then travels to Carlsbad, New Mexico (battleground state #2) where he will tour federal lands with active drilling rigs. While there, he will give remarks where he will reiterate his message over the last few weeks that domestic oil production is at an eight-year high and his administration has a plan to continue to expand production. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney addressed why this is important in Monday’s WH briefing: “Because an all-of-the-above energy approach requires and necessitates that we aggressively expand domestic oil and gas production in a safe and responsible way.”

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8:45AM          In-Town Pool Call Time

9:40AM          THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews

                             South Lawn (Open Press)

9:55AM          THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews en route Las Vegas, Nevada

                        Out-Of-Town Travel Pool Coverage 


11:40AM        THE PRESIDENT arrives Las Vegas, Nevada

                        McCarran International Airport  (Open Press)

1:10PM           THE PRESIDENT tours Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility

                        Boulder City, Nevada  (Travel Pool Coverage)

1:20PM           THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility on his Administration’s focus on diversifying our energy portfolio

                           Boulder City, Nevada (Open Press)

2:50PM          THE PRESIDENT departs Las Vegas, Nevada en route Roswell, New Mexico

                                McCarran International Airport  (Open Press)


5:20PM          THE PRESIDENT arrives Roswell, New Mexico 

                        Roswell International Air Center Airport  (Open Press)

6:15PM          THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the Administration’s commitment to expanding domestic oil and gas production

                        Maljamar, New Mexico  (Pooled for Television, and Open to Pre-Credentialed Stills and Correspondents)

7:35PM          THE PRESIDENT departs Roswell, New Mexico en route Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                        Roswell International Air Center Airport (Open Press)


9:50PM         THE PRESIDENT arrives Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                     Tinker Air Force Base  (Open Press)

Briefing Schedule

Press Secretary Jay Carney will gaggle on Air Force One


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  1. d

    I hope & pray for this great Prez to win in Nov. I just cant see Mr Personality have the Vigor & hustle & bustle / energy & enthusiasims This young Man does. Go Obama!!!

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    • Brian M.

      Not to mention the heart, intelligence, character, integrity, disposition, charisma ... need I go on? Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Howard

        NOT A LIAR AND THIEF ...

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  2. Name*Liz Carter

    I agree@Brian and @d!

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  3. Brady

    Sadly those are Americans too, and should have a pienrdest they also respect, would you rather have a pienrdest that can work with EVERYONE or someone who will only work with people with their same beliefs?? Its about ACCEPTANCE! You dont have to agree with someone to have a conversation with them!!

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