Morning briefing
March 23rd, 2012
07:47 AM ET

Morning briefing

The 1600 Report's daily roundup of what the White House is reading this morning online and in the papers:

At Nuclear Summit, Obama Faces Prospect of a North Korean Deal Gone Bad (TIME)

U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence (NY Times)

Poll: Majority say build Keystone pipeline (

Obama’s Solyndra shuffle (Washington Post)

Obama tax plan would hit the rich (CNN Money)

Team Obama rips Rick Santorum for criticizing Malia’s school trip to Mexico (NY Daily News)

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  1. Nan

    Why isn't there a story about Obama bypassing the sanctions imposed by Congress and giving the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD 1.5 BILLION dollars!!!

    March 23, 2012 at 10:04 am |
  2. Steve

    In reference to your email sent to me ("canned" energy response)

    of March 23, 2012.

    Your staff screeners appears to have missed the point entirely.

    The substance was the current war posturing of Israel for the U,S, to attack Iran, promoted by AIPAC, and to your credit.., dismissed by your administration.

    I understand your political reasoning for not further repudiation of such an unlawful act of aggression. Oil prices would escalate further, and the detrimental impact it would have on embroiling the U.S. in another senseless war with no end game.

    The point made was the cost of this incitement, not only to the American citizen, but to the free world. Simply the United States, its impact is now in $$ trillions $$.

    Besides the current 15-20% increase we see in fuel, we also we realize costs across the entire spectrum of consumerism: Plastics, asphalt for paving, pharmaceuticals, agro-business costs and transportation of products in commerce, as well as the standard commutes by SEa, Air, and Land.

    Given the United States consumption of oil, and also the knowledge that the United States exports twice the amount of refined oil products to the world then it imports form the entire Middle East, It truly isn't for the sake of the American People. It's for the sake of Oil concerns, largely owned by foreign interests.

    And as well, political interests that have reaped havoc on this world since the of President Kennedy and the policy reversals that began under President Johnson. In 1964- 1966.. the United began to equip Israel with military to enable them to buy from France its fleet of Mirage fighter jets, Abrams tanks, etc to use in its preemptive 1967 war. It is also well known of the French connection Indochina heroin cartel that was run by Meyer Lansky, and previous to that "Bugsy" Siegal. It is universally known that he who has the purse strings run the operation. There exists strong evidence tying Diems assassination to both the Mossad and the CIA... CIA moles as it were.. controlled by the Mossad and crime syndicates, Cuba at the time was controlled by the same. When Castro nationalized all the casino's, hotels, distilleries, and sugar 'caine plantations, it was simply an vendetta to remove Castro's influence that the US still pursues under the guise of democracy.

    So I ask you, why your response bear only on your administration's role of pursuing new oil drilling and advocating clean energy?

    March 23, 2012 at 11:27 pm |