June 1st, 2012
07:08 PM ET

Obama's disappointing jobs numbers

President Obama was in Minneapolis, MN today to tout his latest economic plan- to create a job bank for veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. But with this morning's disappointing jobs numbers, he didn't dwell on the numbers and took a broader approach to economic recovery.  CNN's Brianna Keilar traveled with him to the Honeywell factory which employs dozens of veterans for the president's speech.

Also, take a peek from the  full story from our friends at CNN wires:

(CNN) - President Barack Obama hit the road for campaigning and fundraisers Friday, arguably the worst day so far in his re-election bid due to a disappointing employment report that brought sharp Republican attacks led by certain GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

In a visit to a Honeywell International plant in suburban Minneapolis, Obama announced new efforts to help war veterans find work back home using the skills they learned in the military.

He also urged Congress to establish a Veterans Jobs Corps modeled on the Civilian Conservation Corps of decades past.

However, the employment report earlier Friday that showed lower-than-expected growth of 69,000 jobs last month and a rise in the unemployment rate to 8.2% provided Romney and Republicans an opening to ratchet up their incessant criticism of Obama's economic policies.

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Obama campaign reacts to Clinton on CNN
June 1st, 2012
12:14 PM ET

Obama campaign reacts to Clinton on CNN

The Obama re-election campaign is glossing over the off message positive comments former President Clinton made about presumptive Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, during an interview on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday.

They are instead focusing on one line where Clinton described the tactics some private equity investors use.

"Invest in a company, run up the debt & force people to lose their retirement and fire them," a senior campaign official pointed out in paraphrase.

However, Clinton was making a comparison of two kinds of investors. Those who buy, strip and destroy companies for profit, and others also driven by profit, but with the goal of making the companies better, even though they too can fail with equal consequences.

In the interview the former president said Romney's time at Bain Capital formed a "good business career," and he referred to that career as "sterling."

Asked by CNN to comment on a message that runs counter to the campaigns attack on Romney's record, the official insisted the key point was Romney was "good at making money for himself and his partners."

Back on the road again
June 1st, 2012
08:46 AM ET

Back on the road again

President Obama will focus on jobs Friday continuing to press Congress on his so-called "to do" list. Friday’s item: pushing for the establishment of a Veterans Job Corps. At a Honeywell International plant in a Minneapolis suburb, he will make his case that the country needs to "honor our commitment to returning veterans," according to a White House release.

Friday’s “to-do list” event is just a 2 hour diversion from what could be seen as the president’s main event – raising money. The president's campaign could earn more than six and a half million dollars from fundraisers in both Minneapolis and Chicago also on Friday.

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