Briefing look-ahead: War Powers debate, Golf Summit
June 20th, 2011
09:45 AM ET

Briefing look-ahead: War Powers debate, Golf Summit

In light of the whole debate surrounding the War Powers resolution and whether U.S. forces are engaged in "hostilities," you can bet the latest news from Libya will dominate today's White House briefing:

Dafniya, Libya (CNN) - NATO acknowledged Sunday that an errant airstrike in Tripoli may have caused "a number of civilian casualties."

Libya's government had claimed earlier Sunday that nine people were killed and six injured when a NATO strike hit a residential neighborhood in the Libyan capital.

"This is cold-blooded murder," government spokesman Musa Ibrahim said at the scene in Tripoli. "Is this the protection of civilians? Is this really the search for peace and democracy in Libya, to attack peaceful neighborhoods of Tripoli?"

We can also be sure Jay Carney will get one or two questions on the so-called "Golf Summit" over the weekend:

Washington (CNN) – President Obama and Speaker Boehner found themselves on the same side for once Saturday – teaming up to beat Vice President Biden and Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the golf course in a nail-biter that was decided on the 18th hole.

What do you want to see answered?

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