Chen timeline, senior administration official pushes back on criticism
In this handout photograph provided by the U.S. Embassy Beijing press office, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng (L) talks with U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke (R) May 2, 2012 in Beijing, China.(Photo credit: Getty Images)
May 4th, 2012
08:33 AM ET

Chen timeline, senior administration official pushes back on criticism

CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian reports a senior administration official answers criticism that officials initially rushed Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng out of the U.S. Embassy and didn't stay in touch.
Below is a timeline provided by the official.

Wednesday, May 2nd
-U.S. Officials meet with Chen's wife and family at train station and then accompany them to hospital.
-US officials connect them with Chen twice by phone.
-3pm: Ambassador Locke accompanies Chen to the hospital then departs.
-Other US officials remain with him at the hospital until 6:30pm.
-US officials (several but no exact number) speak with him twice more that evening by phone.
-In all they spend 3.5 hours with him.

Thursday, May 3rd
-US officials speak with Chen twice in the morning by phone.
-Calls happened before 9:45am.
-At 9:45am US officials go to the hospital and meet with wife and family for 1 1/2 hours.
-Chen's lawyer speaks with Chen's wife on phone for 20 minutes.
-That afternoon Embassy Doctor discusses health issues with Chen's doctor.
-US officials depart at 7:15pm.
-They try to speak with Chen by phone later that night but are unable to reach him.