Reporter's Notebook: How the administration reacted to the crisis in Libya
President Obama greets onlookers outside an Oak Bluffs restaurant on Martha's Vineyard Sunday night.
August 22nd, 2011
06:01 PM ET

Reporter's Notebook: How the administration reacted to the crisis in Libya

(CNN) Martha's Vineyard, MA–Strong words today from President Obama as the situation in Libya deteriorated. "It's clear that Gadhafi's rule is over," the president announced once again calling on the Libyan strongman to step down. But the president cautioned that the situation in Libya remains fluid and his administration continues to monitor "fierce fighting" in some areas.

This on-camera statement from Mr. Obama at his vacation home on Martha's Vineyard ended two days of high-level talks, as well as late night and early morning conference calls with the president’s national security team – all amidst a family vacation.

On Sunday, the CNN team that was part of the White House travel pool gathered in the early morning to follow the president's movements. As the situation in Libya intensified, reporters clamored to find out if the president would speak on camera. The White House’s official response was, "not at this point."

The day progressed and the travel pool followed the president's movements from a morning at the beach to an afternoon of golf and a reception at the oceanfront home of a powerful media executive. And still no statement from the White House on Libya.

As evening approached, the White House alerted the travel pool that the president would be making an "off the record" movement where the press would be able to shoot video. It was finally a chance to see if the president would speak in front of the cameras. FULL POST

Covering the president and discovering my Irish roots
CNN photojournalist Barry Schlegel sits among the cases of television equipment the American TV networks brought to cover the European trip of President Barack Obama.
May 24th, 2011
01:21 PM ET

Covering the president and discovering my Irish roots

DUBLIN (CNN) –In my position as a photojournalist with CNN I have had the opportunity to cover several American presidents. Occasionally I get to go on overseas trips. The arena of world politics is a challenging one, and it’s kind of neat to see how you feel that your "leader" stacks up when they are on the international stage. It’s always a lot of work on these trips, but there is the excitement of being in a foreign country, if only for a brief period.

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have visited Ireland, and guess what, I came along!  I know, I know!  There’s nothing newsworthy in the presence of one extra camera guy, but you see I’ve NEVER been to Ireland.  Actually, I had been, in the sparkling twinkle in the eye, the humor, and the loving smile of my mother whose maiden name was Creegan.  FULL POST