Friday fun: Presidential horoscopes
September 9th, 2011
05:04 PM ET

Friday fun: Presidential horoscopes

We all have guilty pleasures – some of us prefer curling up on the couch with tabloid magazines, while the rest of us are content with kicking back and catching the latest episode of our favorite reality show. There is one shameful indulgence that unites us all, however, and it goes by the name of astrology.

And though some followers of the “science” are more, shall we say, invested in its words than those that simply read it in jest, there’s no denying that every person has heard of astrology, even if they don’t know their sign (but we’re betting you know yours!) What’s more, each of the 12 – or 13 if you’ve been reading recent news – zodiac signs carry weights and meanings to their names, and more often than not, the personality traits of the signs match up with their respective owners.

This is all fine and dandy if you’re an average joe. But what if you’re the president of the United States? How close does your astrology sign meet your personality? Are more presidents likely to be Leos, which makes sense as the lion sign is born to lead? Or does the commander-in-chief tend to be more like a Taurus, known for their financial security? Let’s find out.

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