Obama and Bill Clinton together again but on the same page?
President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton at a campaign fundraiser in New York City Monday. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
June 5th, 2012
09:08 AM ET

Obama and Bill Clinton together again but on the same page?

Appearing together at three high dollar, star-studded fundraisers in New York City Monday evening, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton raised millions for Obama's campaign. They're on the same team but are they always reading from the same playbook? CNN White House correspondent Brianna Keilar has more on the curious relationship.

Obama and Clinton headline high dollar star-studded fundraisers
Monday, former President Bill Clinton will appear with President Obama at three fundraisers in New York City Monday. The two presidents are pictured touring an energy efficient building in DC last year.
June 4th, 2012
02:02 PM ET

Obama and Clinton headline high dollar star-studded fundraisers


(CNN)–Joining forces with Hollywood and Broadway starpower, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton are looking to add more than three and a half million dollars to the Obama campaign coffers and that of the Democratic Party Monday during a whirlwind seven hour trip to New York City.
The evening begins with a high ticket reception for fifty people at a private residence in the city. The price for face time with both the president and former president doesn't come cheap. A Democratic campaign official tells CNN the tickets are $40,000 each.
The presidents then move on to a big gala at the tony Waldorf Astoria where rocker Jon Bon Jovi will entertain the 500 invited guests who each paid at least $2500 a ticket. FULL POST

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February 16th, 2012
08:34 AM ET

Morning Briefing

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January 20th, 2012
09:25 AM ET

American Idol watch out! POTUS sings

It was apparently irresistible.  Taking the stage at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem at a fundraiser Thursday night, President Obama broke into song–at least a couple bars of the 1972 classic hit "Let's Stay Together".

UPDATE: White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tweets:

pfeiffer44Dan Pfeiffer

I have worked for President Obama for 5 years and until last night, I had no idea that he could sing

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A Night of money in the Big Apple
January 19th, 2012
08:07 PM ET

A Night of money in the Big Apple

President Obama spent Thursday night in New York City raising money from lawyers and entertainers in a series of four campaign events.

The president spoke to 160 hundred people in two separate fundraisers at Daniel Restaurant, the Manhattan eatery by renowned chef Daniel Boulud.

The second event of the night was hosted by the group "Lawyers for Obama" where tickets started at $15,000 each. President Obama talked about his administration's successes for the past three years but said there is still more work to do.

"We have an economy that, although now is getting close to where we were before the financial crisis struck, continues to struggle with these long-term trends that had been going on for decades, where middle-class families felt less and less secure; where the education system wasn’t equipping our kids to compete in a global economy," the president told the group of attorneys.

President Obama took his campaign to the entertainment industry with his third fundraiser of the night- this time at the home of Spike Lee.

He told his supporters, who each paid $38,500 a ticket, that no matter what their background,

"There’s no contradiction between excellence and diversity, and that making sure that everybody - regardless of race or gender or sexual orientation - is able to live out their dreams if they’re willing to work hard and be responsible, that that's what America is all about," he said. "Everybody getting a fair shake and everybody doing their fair share and everybody playing by the same set of rules - that’s what’s at stake in this election. And I’m absolutely confident we’re going to win this thing."

Singer Mariah Carey & her husband Nick Cannon and former New York Knicks star Allan Houston were among the 45 people in attendance.

The final event of the night was in the famed-Apollo Theater where more than 1,400 people rallied for the president's re-election campaign. He told the crowd there that he promised to work just as hard as he did in 2008.

"I'm not a perfect man. I'm not a perfect president, but I promise you that I kept that promise I made to you in 2008. I always told you what I thought. I always told you where I stood,  and I would wake up every single day fighting as hard as I can for you. I'm just as determined now as I was then and if you are willing to stand alongside me, we will knock those obstacles out of the way, we will reach for that vision of America that we believe in our hearts, and change will come," he said.

Al Green and India.Arie performed for the event that was emceed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. According to the DNC,  proceeds of all tonight's events go to the Obama Victory Fund, which is a joint fundraising group authorized by Obama for America and the DNC.

CNN's Laura Dolan contributed to this report.

Spike Lee's high dollar Obama fundraiser
Filmmaker Spike Lee uses his iPad to photograph President Barack Obama as he greets guests at the National Action Network's Keepers of the Dream awards gala in New York, N.Y., April 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
January 13th, 2012
03:09 PM ET

Spike Lee's high dollar Obama fundraiser

Hollywood meets politics again next week when director Spike Lee hosts a high dollar fundraiser for President Obama at the director’s New York Cityhome. An Obama campaign official confirms to CNN about 40 people are expected to attend the intimate fundraiser which Mr. Obama will attend.  The price tag?  Tickets are $35,800 per person.

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January 11th, 2012
08:54 PM ET

Obama's night of fundraising

President Obama focused on his 2012 campaign in earnest Wednesday when he returned to his hometown of Chicago to rally supporters at his re-election headquarters and raise some hefty campaign cash.

Not long after arriving in the Windy City, the president stopped by his national campaign headquarters to thank workers and supporters. It was the president’s first visit to the offices of Obama for America. There he addressed a few hundred campaign staffers encouraging them to run “a campaign that embodies the values we're fighting for.”

His second stop: a fundraiser at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). President Obama greeted a group of about 800 supporters on the campus. During his remarks Mr. Obama made a point of thanking his outgoing chief of staff Bill Daley, who accompanied him to Chicago, for his service.

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Obama to raise hefty campaign dollars in his hometown
January 11th, 2012
12:22 PM ET

Obama to raise hefty campaign dollars in his hometown

Washington (CNN) - A day after the GOP’s New Hampshire primary, President Obama focuses on his re-election campaign, returning to his hometown Chicago to raise some hefty campaign cash. But pundits will be watching closely to see if he directly takes on Republican GOP front-runner Mitt Romney when the president speaks at a campaign event Wednesday evening.

Tuesday evening, as Romney celebrated his New Hampshire victory by attacking the president, Vice President Joe Biden unleashed the Obama camp’s harshest attack yet on Romney, saying, "He thinks it's more important for the stockholders and the shareholders and the investors and the venture capital guys to do well for those employees to be part of the bargain."

The Biden attack came in the wake of Romney’s rivals seizing on his saying “I like being able to fire people,” which Biden also said “was probably taken out of context.”

Speaking to Democratic supporters in New Hampshire via video teleconference, the vice president appeared to characterize Republicans as "brush" that Democrats need to clear aside before they can move the country forward.

President Obama will speak at one of tonight’s three fundraisers in Chicago, an event geared to the president’s younger, grassroots supporters. At a concert and fundraiser sponsored by Gen 44 - the group that bills itself as the under 40 working professional arm of the Obama campaign– supporters will pay from $44 for a general admission ticket to $1000 for VIP status entry. The president and guests will be entertained by Grammy-nominated R&B soul musician Janelle Monáe. The event, at the University of Illinois Chicago campus, is hosted by actor Hill Harper, famous for his work on the popular television drama CSI: NY.

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Did you know...presidential fundraising
President Barack Obama speaks during a Democratic campaign fundraiser in Orlando, Florida, October 11, 2011. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
October 25th, 2011
01:11 PM ET

Did you know...presidential fundraising

This week President Obama will hold six fundraisers in three states during a three-day visit to the Western United States. According to Democratic officials, his campaign hopes to raise more than $4 million. A busy fundraising schedule this week brings the total number of fundraisers on the president's schedule this month to 12. That mirrors the number of fundraisers he attended in September, the last month of the Federal Election Commission's 3rd fundraising quarter. In August, the president held only 7 fundraisers, and in July he held no fundraisers due to tense negotiations over a compromise to raise the federal debt ceiling.

On top of the president's efforts, First Lady Michelle Obama has hosted at least four fundraisers this month, and she hosted three fundraisers in the last week of September to bring in some last-minute cash before the close of the quarter. Vice President Joe Biden has been less active on the fundraising trail this month with only one fundraiser on his public schedule in October, but during September the vice president attended eight events raising money for the Democratic National Committee.

Almost none of the fundraising events attended by residents or employees of the White House collect money directly for President Obama's 2012 reelection fund. Due to campaign fundraising limits, the president, vice president and first lady raise almost all of their money for a joint account of the Democratic National Committee and Obama  for American – Obama's reelection campaign – called the Obama Victory Fund. Generally, the campaign gets the first $5,000 of an individual's contribution. By law, an individual donor is allowed to contribute $2,500 per candidate or candidate committee per election. So $5,000 would constitute a maximum donation of $2,500 for both the primary and the general elections. The maximum amount any individual can donate to a national party committee is $30,800 per calendar year, so the remaining portion of any donation up to that maximum amount goes to the DNC.

In the most recent FEC fundraising quarter, the joint Obama Victory Fund raised more than $70 million, and OFA received nearly two thirds of that, taking in $42.8 million.

Obama campaign plays GOP debate fundraising game
The GOP Debate Watch website for the Obama campaign's fundraising game played last night. (Obama for America)
October 19th, 2011
05:09 PM ET

Obama campaign plays GOP debate fundraising game

While President Obama didn't tune in to last night's CNN Western Republican Debate, if you’re an Obama supporter you might have received an email in the hours before the debate asking you to put your “Money where their mouth is.” The email came from Matthew Barzun, Obama for America’s national finance chair, and it included an invitation to play a new kind of debate fundraising game.

“Here's how it works,” Barzun’s email read. “You pick a word or phrase from the list below to sponsor, and pledge to give $3 or $5 (or however much you'd like) for each mention. So tonight, as the Republican candidates prattle on about defunding Social Security, ending Medicare as we know it, and everything else they support, they will literally be building this campaign.”

In case debate over any given topic got out of hand, donors could set a cap on their total donation. Here is the list of words or phrases available for ‘sponsorship’:

– Class warfare

– Repeal

– Obamacare

– Fence

– (De)regulation

– Amnesty

– Socialism

– Romneycare

– 9-9-9

After the debate, the campaign posted an update on the night’s winners. By its count, “Obamacare” got 15 mentions, easily carrying the evening. In second place “fence” narrowly beat out “repeal” 11 mentions to nine, “(de)regulation” came in fourth with five mentions and Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan came in fifth with four mentions.

While the campaign wouldn’t release how much they raised with the debate game, the GOP Debate Watch site is still up and running in case anyone wants to see the tally or learn the Obama campaign’s definitions to what it views as the GOP buzz words.