Obama's Google+ Hangout
January 30th, 2012
09:15 PM ET

Obama's Google+ Hangout


WASHINGTON (CNN) - While reaching out to supporters through one of the latest high-tech means, President Obama expanded his social media experience by holding a Google+ video chat room interview on Monday afternoon.

In an election year, it's probably not good politics to talk about what you look forward to doing after your time in the White House, but that's exactly what President Obama did when asked about the frustrations of living in the security bubble.

"It's the toughest thing about being president. Look, this is the greatest job on Earth and it's such an honor to serve, but it is true sometimes, you get a little stir crazy," he said. "One of the things I look forward to after I've had this extraordinary honor is just taking a walk, or waking up on Saturday morning, not shaving and going to the local Starbucks and not having to worry about it." FULL POST

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