POTUS congratulates the Wildcats
April 3rd, 2012
06:08 PM ET

POTUS congratulates the Wildcats

He may have not picked Kentucky to win the Big Dance, but he did call Kentucky Coach John Calipari to congratulate the Wildcats on their 2012 NCAA championship last night. According to a readout of the call released by the White House, the president said "it was a great game to watch" and was impressed by the team's class and dignity.

He also spoke with the Final Four MVP Anthony Davis, who like the president is a native of Chicago. Davis scored only six points but he had 16 rebounds and 6 blocks in last night's 67-59 victory over the University of Kansas.

The president had the UNC Tarheels beating Kentucky in his March Madness brackets. UNC lost to number 2 seed Kansas last weekend. This is the eighth national championship for the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

The Wildcats will make an appearance at the White House some time in the next several months.

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Education Secretary wants NCAA March Madness reforms
March 17th, 2011
07:12 PM ET

Education Secretary wants NCAA March Madness reforms

WASHINGTON (CNN) – March Madness could have a whole new meaning if the Department of Education gets its way. The US Department of Education is calling on the NCAA to ban teams that don't graduate a majority of their players.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan backed a call by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics to ban schools who graduate less than 50% of their players from tournament play and to restructure the revenue distribution for teams with failing rates.  

“If you can’t manage to graduate half of your players, how serious is the institution- the coach and the program about the players’ academic success?” Duncan said in a conference call with reporters on Thursday.

In a report released by the Knight Commission on Thursday, 10 out of the 68 teams in this year’s March Madness are not on pace to graduate more than half of their players and a large discrepancy exists between the graduation rates for white and black players at some schools. FULL POST

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