Mrs. Obama heading to the Olympics
March 13th, 2012
09:05 AM ET

Mrs. Obama heading to the Olympics


Michelle Obama will lead the U.S. delegation to the Olympic opening ceremonies in London, according to an administration official.

The announcement will come later today at her event with Mrs. Cameron at American University.

The opening ceremony which includes the parade of athletes is scheduled for July 27, 2012.

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Obama Rio re-bound for 2016 olympics
March 20th, 2011
04:00 PM ET

Obama Rio re-bound for 2016 olympics

RIO de JANEIRO, Brazil (CNN) – It looks like President Obama plans to return to Rio.

During his address to the people of Brazil, Obama made this comment: "Now you may be aware that this city was not my first choice for the Summer Olympics.  But if the Games could not be held in Chicago, there's no place I'd rather see them than right here in Rio.  And I intend to come back in 2016 to watch what happens."

Chicago was one of four finalists to host the 2016 summer games.  The president and first lady traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2009 to support the bid, but their hometown lost to Rio de Janeiro.

The real question is will he fly commercial or will he still be riding aboard Air Force One?

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