Biden hails U.S.-Russian relations
Biden and Medvedev at Medvedev's dacha on Wednesday
March 9th, 2011
03:33 PM ET

Biden hails U.S.-Russian relations

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Citing progress in the areas of arms control, as well as cooperation over the situations in Iran and Afghanistan, Vice President Biden told Russian President Dimitry Medvedev Wednesday that "we've proved the skeptics wrong" when it comes to the "re-set" in relations between the two countries.

In a brief evening appearance at Medvedev's dacha in the Russian countryside before journalists covering the visit, the two men hailed the ratification of the New START nuclear arms accord, Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organization, as well as the current wave of unrest currently rolling across the Middle East and North Africa.

Biden told Medvedev the situation will "require a joint effort," by the US and Russia according to members of the American press pool traveling with the vice president.