Obama sidesteps Senate and appoints new consumer agency chief
January 4th, 2012
03:13 PM ET

Obama sidesteps Senate and appoints new consumer agency chief

Shaker Heights, Ohio (CNN) - Positioning himself as the defender of the middle class and a protector of American consumers, President Obama raised the ire of Republicans Wednesday announcing his appointment of a new consumer protection bureau chief without waiting for Senate approval.

"Now is not the time to play politics while people’s livelihoods are at stake," President Obama proclaimed at a campaign style rally in the pivotal swing state of Ohio.

The president was joined on stage by former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, Obama’s nominee to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In a parliamentary maneuver which side stepped Senate approval, Mr. Obama made a recess appointment of Cordray to the position.

"I'm gonna look for every opportunity to bridge the partisan divide and get things done," the president told a capacity crowd of some 1400 people in the suburban Cleveland Shaker Heights High School gymnasium.

But he made no apology the action. It’s the latest move in the administration-led campaign called "We Can't Wait" which has moved initiatives forward using executive action and side-stepping what the White House has characterized as an obstructionist Congress. FULL POST