Weekly Addresses: Lessons from the Heartland
August 20th, 2011
09:58 AM ET

Weekly Addresses: Lessons from the Heartland

(CNN) – President Barack Obama and Ohio Gov. John Kasich passed along what they saw as lessons from the Midwest Saturday during their weekly addresses.

The president taped his weekly address from Alpha, Illinois-a town he visited during a three-day bus tour through the region used to engage small town citizens in dialogue about jobs and the economy.

Washington can take a lesson from people in towns like Atkinson, Illinois; Peosta, Iowa; and Cannon Falls, Minnesota, Obama said. “Our country would be a whole lot better off if our elected leaders showed the same kind of discipline and integrity and responsibility that most Americans demonstrate in their lives every day.”

Obama recounted the obstacles in the economy, including the aftermath of a “terrible recession,” persistent unemployment, and “smaller paychecks or less money in the cash register” to highlight the need for elected officials to “put aside their differences to get things done.”

And he proposed ways to take immediate action that will “mean more customers for businesses and more jobs across the country.”

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Obama addresses 'birther' issue
President Obama departing for Chicago to attend fundraisers Thursday evening.
April 14th, 2011
08:30 PM ET

Obama addresses 'birther' issue

Washington (CNN) – Before President Obama left Washington Thursday for three fundraisers in his hometown, he tackled Trump's recent concerns and outlined the road ahead as a candidate for re-election.

In an interview on ABC News, he addressed the on-going zings from real estate mogul Donald Trump, who's ramped up his questioning of Obama's birth place in recent months saying, "Over the last two and a half years there's been an effort to go at me in a way that is politically expedient in the short-term for Republicans."

"But it creates, I think, a problem for them when they want to actually run in a general election where most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii."

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Obama reaches out to Boehner, Reid on budget call
President Barack Obama reads a document in the Outer Oval Office as he prepares for a press conference with Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, Feb. 4, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
April 3rd, 2011
01:15 PM ET

Obama reaches out to Boehner, Reid on budget call

Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama made separate calls on Saturday to House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss ongoing budget negotiations, according to a statement released by the White House.

In the weekly GOP address released before the call, Boehner made it clear that bipartisan cooperation was not immediately within reach. “You’ve heard Democratic leaders claim an agreement has been reached on this issue, but let me be clear,” he said. “There is no agreement. Republicans continue to fight for the largest spending cuts possible to help end Washington’s job-crushing spending binge.”

During the call, the president affirmed the need to cut spending and acknowledged progress toward reaching a bipartisan compromise to make $73 billion in spending cuts this year.

His team has been given a directive to work through the weekend and reach resolution on what will be eliminated, with an instruction to steer clear of any cuts that undermine economic growth, job creation and the ability to “win the future.” The president voiced opposition to cuts that undermine those goals and any efforts to use the negotiation process as a way to further political agendas unrelated to the reduction of the deficit and spending.

Though he recognized the progress made toward spending legislation, Obama warned that the process is running out of time, and encouraged both parties to reach a solution in time to avoid a shutdown of government and possible threat to economic recovery.

Following the call, Boehner spokesman, Michael Steel objected to the notion of a compromise, saying, "The speaker reminded the president that there is no 'deal' or agreement on a final number, and he will continue to push for the largest possible spending cuts."


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President speaks on women's rights in weekly address
March 12th, 2011
05:18 PM ET

President speaks on women's rights in weekly address

Washington (CNN) – President Obama noted that March is Women's History Month, calling it a time to celebrate "the progress that women have made" and the "women throughout history who have made that progress possible," in the weekly presidential address.

He recalled how Eleanor Roosevelt challenged President Kennedy to find qualified women for top posts in his administration, and that Kennedy asked her to head a new presidential commission to study the status of women in America in response. "It's been almost fifty years since the Roosevelt commission published its findings - and there have been few similar efforts by the government in the decades that followed," the president remarked.

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POTUS has veto, will use
February 15th, 2011
10:08 PM ET

POTUS has veto, will use

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Barack Obama issued a veto threat Tuesday, following the introduction of a controversial spending bill last week. The bill is a continuing resolution that would fund federal government for the rest of the fiscal year and includes $100 billion dollars in spending cuts promised by House Republicans.

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Obama measures 'true progress'
February 5th, 2011
01:50 PM ET

Obama measures 'true progress'

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Obama defined the "true measure of progress" for America in his weekly address Saturday. Focusing on his goal to "win the future" for the second consecutive week, he turned his attention to recent unemployment numbers and jobs.

"Our true measure of progress has to be whether every American who wants a job can find one; whether the jobs available pay well and offer good benefits; whether people in this county can still achieve the American Dream for themselves and their children."

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